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I got 2 copies of this game one for me and one for my daughter (that got the pokemon sun 2ds for xmas) and as mario party fans ourselfs we are excited to play this, she has given it a quick go and says its mostly multiplayer? wheres the traditional board game modes? is it just the toad bit thats single player?

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No you level up in the game by playing mini games you get points for how we'll you do and you go up 1 level when u get certain amount of points and you can unlock characters and other game modes that can be played single [email protected]



I gave this game to my kids for Christmas. It took them a while, but they finally decided to give it a go yesterday (they were distracted my Super Mario Run and Pokémon Moon). They tried various modes but ended up having the most fun with the toad scrambles. They did several and I had to practically pry the 3DSs out of their hands at bed time. I would say the game is a success in our family.



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