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Topic: Mario Party DS v Island Tour

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Hey guys!

Getting a 3ds for my boyfriend and myself for christmas. We are both a huge fan of classic mario games, and would really like to get mario party for us to play together. Which do you feel is better, the original Mario Party DS or Island Tour?

Obviously only island tour would be in 3d, but I don't care too much about 3D. Island Tour seems to have more mixed reviews than Mario Party DS.

What one would you guys recommend? and why?





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Personally I still play DS, because none of my cousins have 3DSes.
It may be hard to snag a copy of DS now, but I think it's a better value imo.

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Well... I have Mario Party DS and I loved it... but I am planning on getting Mario Party Island Tour. Especially since my Mario Party DS game card is getting old and doesn't work very well anymore... my 3DS has a hard time reading it and it crashes often. And we're getting a 2DS soon, too, so I'll want the 3DS Mario Party to play with my sister. :)

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if you value graphics over other details(not sure what detail since I never played Island Tour) go with Island Tour, but I played Mario Party DS and it is a lot of fun!

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Never played island tour, but it is graphically and visually better than Mario Party DS. Plus island tour comes with unique gameplay like motion controls, touch controls, and microphone. I'll be sure to pick it up soon

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Both are must haves if you like multiplayer.

DS offers quick traditional Mario Partying while Island Tour is a blast in a different way, and the minigames are pretty great.

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