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There is a review now, but it's a bad one.Untitled It's from CVG, which gave it a 4/10.
Basically here's their breakdown:
1. A clutch of good minigames
2. Download Play
1. Flat presentation
2. Weak unlockables
3. Repetitive and dull
They come in with preconceptions of the Mario Party series going downhill since 6, which seems to suggest that they they're burned out on the series, so if you liked 6 and the subsequent sequels and still like the series as a result, then you may feel differently about this game. Let's just wait and see what the others have to say.

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Huh wow deep... i have Mario party 2 on wii virtual console through club nintendo I download months ago & love it. The other mario game I tried was mario party ds tried it as rental from the library for free & can honestly say I hated the DS game. Which there is not to many mario title's I dislike let alone hate. I tried the DS version years ago before I got the wii virtual console version.

So I'm relatively new to the mario party series.

Still downloading mario party island tour really hoping its not to many blocks though running out of room on sd card lol.

If to many blocks might download on my 3ds xl sinc elot of room on sd card or just but the cartridge depends on the block size lol.

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Is mario party IT fun and good? The reviews are soooo different, all from 4 to 9, phuuu ;| I wan't it so much, but I want to now if it's worth it? I have a friend to who want it.



kaptenSwe wrote:

Is mario party IT fun and good? The reviews are soooo different, all from 4 to 9, phuuu ;| I wan't it so much, but I want to now if it's worth it? I have a friend to who want it.

To be honest, I wouldn't recommend it. No point to a handheld Mario Party game for most people, since it's mostly multiplayer focused and local multiplayer is kind of impractical for 3DS owners.

Add what's apparently a boring Bowser's Tower mode and some fairly dull mini games, and I don't think it seems to be worth a purchase.

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I have a question about Mario Party: How does streetpass works on this game? i mean is it necessary in order to get some stuff, play some mini-games, or those games can be played in party/solo mode?



So I wanna get this game for my little sister when she gets her 3DS soon - does anyone know how much you can do with Download Play? Is it like Mario Party DS where you can play everything on Download Play? If not I think I'll just get her something else...

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Gioku wrote:

@DestinyMan OK good that's what I hoped! ...'cause I want to be able to play everything with her, too.

Just got the game, since the store didn't have Mario Tennis....played a couple of games with my little sister and it seems like you have the whole game or whatever here.

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