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Hello everyone

If you play Mario Kart 7, list your online VR here. As many know VR is not important, I am just interested to see how much other players have

Mine: 18,500+

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Knuckles wrote:

5600+ and haven't we already had a thread like this before?
Also what happened to the Allstars? They are now SW?

Yes, and Cosmic made it.
As for his old clans, I suppose they're abandoned.

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Somewhere around 7,500? I don't play online much, though. More fun in communities and friends.

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I hit 10,000, but don't play so much these days. Online is most fun when you play with people you know.



9,200. I've died down on MK7 a bit. Online is also fun when your internet connection isn't laggy.

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