Topic: mario kart 7 online still active?

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Late to the party by about 2 years lol but how active is it?



it's very active. i still play from time to time. i think it will be very active until a handheld with a new mario kart comes out. or when mario kart 8 comes to wiiU

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I'll just repeat the above posts; Mario Kart 7's online is always active! I've been playing a bit recently, and there's always plenty of talented players to keep you on your toes! I love the online in this game A LOT! It basically gives me a constant challenge; which the single player simply does not provide.

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Just played it last night for the first time in months, and immediately found a game.



It's very active, you should find people in a matter of seconds.



Nintendo doesn't deactivate online from games unless some stupid pervs start sending inapropriate photos to kids.... I mean some really old DS games still have their online active, right?

plus as long the next Mario Kart isn't released yet, there will be lots of people playing it because it's the latest! and even after that. Mario Kart 7 is for online on the go, anywhere with internet. so MK8 won't kill MK7's online!

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