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@Rosalina How much VR do you have? You lose it based on how well you did in a race(obviously) and how much VR you had before the race. Larger VR results in larger reduction, and you can lose very little to none if you started without much.

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Rosalina wrote:

Rosalina wrote:

Excuse me but I have a question.
Why is it that I don't lose any VR?

In detail:
When I play online, I lose in 8th place and no VR is lost.
I disconnect myself and no VR is lost.

And no matter what, I never see my VR go down at all.
Can someone come up with an explanation for this?

It comes down to how well you did rather than where you place, although you do get extra VR when you obtain first. However you can lose VR if you perform badly, such as spinning out, crashing, falling off the track etc but this only happens if you place 7/8.

At least that's what I've gathered from my experience.

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Anyone who still plays mk7 sometimes? Add me; 4742-5710-3966

Preferably europeans. Remember to tell me your FC.





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Why have I come last or near last my last 15 online races?. I unlocked all the characters no trouble and was fine online at first but now I am almost through with Mario Kart online. Losing every match is simply not fun and the game seems too random and hacked for me to improve. I'm Australian if they makes any difference.
Luckily I will always love the offline. But still I'm very disappointed in the online jut like MK Wii before it.
Also it is a lot of trouble to back out of a match and you don't get long enough to choose your kart despite the generally long wait for a match.
I have ended my losing streak and am enjoying the online racing once again.

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Sorry about reviving this after so long, but there's something I have to ask.

I've recently gotten back into it, and during a recent playthrough of the 50cc Star Cup (offline), I noticed one of the racers was a random Mii I'd never seen before, instead of a Mario character. Anyone know what's up with that?

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