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Track editor and a Car editor.

EDIT: They should have another 3D mode where instead of just looking at the kart, you could play the game as if you were in the Kart! Like a First-Person mode!

First Person is possible with MKDS, but only possible with the Action Replay

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qsdsd wrote:

is that the star people

Yes they are, if you're talking about the family this little guy is in!

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I would like to see some Warioware Racers

@Rally: First Person Mario Kart, would be awesome

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what is first person mario kart



@qsdsd: think of the view as if you were sitting in the kart yourself... instead of watching your character in their cart as they go around the track, it'd be like you were in the kart going around the track. :3

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that would be cool



yeah the first person mario kart sounds cool imagine having red shells and green shells fl right out he screen that would be cool



love that game



Arigner wrote:

How about no more Blue shells? I mean, I want more and more items, it add fun. But those BLUE shells. Arrgh. ARRRGH. WHy not add colors from the Super MArio World Koopas? Like, A Yellow One, who do a earthquake when it it something, a Purple One that exchange yourself with the guy you it... I dont know, something less... humiliating and raging than those one with spike and wings. Arrgh.

Rage mode: off

Trust me a purple one that would exchange people would be BAD. Think about it. a person in 12 uses it on a person in 1st. Even from 12th to 11th would be baaad.

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Really? It would be worse than an auto-hit on the first, who, 99% of the time, will be runoff by the 6 others and this, at the last lap? And i imagined a red style of shell, meaning it is homing and dodgable not flying with a finger!

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They should have a racetrack from the BeanBean Kingdom (I think that's what it's called)

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They also should have a choice in battle mode between solo and team.

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Non-winged blue shells or the ultimate rainbow shell that hits everyone in its path

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editing Grand Prix rules Like: NO items!or yes! Computer levels HARD, Normal, and ,easy Editing items in race like if u wanted Just mushrooms or Shells and stuff like that

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good thinking EDIT: @ray64 bomb omb battles need to be back on

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that would be a nice idea cool



thanks 4 saying that @ray62

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Does anyone think we'll see a new battle mode over shine runners, balloon/bomb battles? Maybe something like a death race. No lap limit and you have to avoid the tracks hazards, and the more laps you do the more hazards get added. It could be set to one hit kill or 3 hit or so system. Going down the same line, they could just have the players take each other out on an endless track.

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