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SimmerE14 wrote:

There were ramps and if someone/a computer ramps over you it looks like they're flying over your head and flying into the 3Ds screen!

Also, if they are riding past you, it looks like they're coming from around your head and driving into the screen.

When you pass them up, they fly out of the screen and past your head.

When a red shell comes it flies around your head, stays in front of you for a second, then hits your character. Your character will fly up out of the screen. I mean directly up!

When you throw a blue shell, it flies in front of your face, then goes up out of your sight. When you're 'bout to be hit by one, it flies over your head and into the screen, and hits your person.

When you get the star power up, sparkles, and stuff, fly out of the screen and past you.

When you get the thunder cloud, it looks like its hovering over your 3Ds.

When you get bloopered, it looks like it's alll over your face.

When lightning strikes, it looks like it came from the real world and went into the 3Ds.

Rotating green shells look like they're coming out of the screen, then going back in.

When you get bullet bill, it looks like the fire is coming out of the screen.

Anymore ideas?

Love it!
Two more:
When you are dragging bananas behind you, they barely poke out of the screen, and when you throw them backwards they fly out of the screen, over your head, and then out of your sight.

When a bomb or blue shell explodes, the explosion may or may not come out of the screen depending on how close you are to it. Also there should be a top-down view so that when your character gets hit by an explosion, they fly up out of the screen, then fall back into it.

If the 3DS has not been discontinued SM3DL and MK7 are awesome games, but if the 3DS has been discontinued Sony has taken over the world.It is not true that both Sony has taken over the world and SM3DL and MK7 are not awesome games.Therefore:Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are...


Piranha plant as a character, hahha drive around in a pot on wheels!

MarioKart7 Is on it's way =D Should be here any day now.
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@bigrat if i recall, Petty Piranha was playable in Double Dash!!


getting rid of compulsory timed team multiplayer would be nice

It's just an empty pot...
No, wait!
There's something at the bottom!
It's just somebody's gum...


If Mario Kart 3DS's Rainbow Road sounds anything like this, it'll become my favorite one of all!
Note: This is fanmade, not real.



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