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JonnyKong wrote:

Whoops my bad, comes out a couple of weeks after Kirby.

They'll be out simultaneously in the U.S while EU will have Kirby two weeks after Mario Golf.

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Man this game only makes me mad that Mario Tennis didn't have the RPG mode, Not sure about this coming out the same day as Kirby but i'll pick up both.


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i want this game but i'm getting for my son for his birthday and getting kirby instead. but definitely getting this game at some point for myself.

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Nintendo has released a fact sheet about this game. Text in bold is interesting or new material.

"Go clubbing around the world with Mario™!
Tee off as your favorite Mario or Mii™ character while challenging players online.* Shoot into warp pipes and dodge piranha plants in Mushroom Kingdom areas or take a shot at the nature-themed courses.
The new Castle Club has both naturalistic and Mario-themed courses, a training area to hone your skills, and a pro shop where you can get unlockable gear and outfits. Test your skills in a gauntlet of course challenges, play with friends locally**, or take on players around the world in online real-time tournaments.*
Play as your Mii character or as your favorite Mario characters.
Golf it up on Mario courses.
Play with friends all over the world.*
Trick out your Mii character and get the edge on your competition with outfits and equipment.
Use the touch screen and motion sensor to better track and control shots.
Create and play in online communities with unique tournament rules.*
Compete in worldwide tournaments online.*"


From the Nintendo 3DS UK Facebook page:
"Hold your breath! Here’s an exclusive look at Cheep Cheep Lagoon, a previously unrevealed course in Mario Golf: World Tour. This underwater course has lots of obstacles to help and hinder play with slightly different underwater physics to challenge more experienced players."


Really??? Did they have to go there??? I hate just about any game underwater. It does however look really good! One of the nicer courses I've seen!

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.


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Spoony_Tech wrote:

Really??? Did they have to go there??? I hate just about any game underwater. It does however look really good! One of the nicer courses I've seen!

I doubt it'll have any under-water mechanics to it. I'm sure it's all just appearances. So no worries there.. the more I hear/see about this game, the more I want it. It's looking really good, I'm not even a fan of golf, but the Mario golf games are actually strangely fun.


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That underwater level looks really cool to me.

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I'd prefer a space level, with low gravity drives.

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When does pre-orders open up for this game on Amazon?

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I might get this someday, but not on May 2nd when it comes out. MK8 and Kirby: TD are higher priorities.


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getting this, someday maybe. there are just too many games I want more that are already released or getting released soon

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@DestinyMan Ahh, sorry. I missed the "Underwater Physics" part in your original post. This ought to be interesting.


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Since Nintendo seems to be putting focus on Rosalina some time ago, do you think she'd be in this game?
Also, in the underwater levels, could there be ocean currents? Kinda like how there's wind on land?

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@Rosalina: I say, "yes" to both. Ocean currents make sense considering it is the ocean and they would make for perfect hazards. I would be shocked if Rosalina wasn't playable in this game. I still think it was a lousy decision not to include her in Mario Tennis Open despite having Comet Observatory courts and a playable Luma. Now with a bigger profile than ever, it would be silly for her not to be in Mario Golf: World Tour.


Y'know, it's doubtful, but I would absolutely love if they brought the hilarious intro in this one just like the last MG. An hopefully bloopers and the hilarious trophy scenes. Those things made Mario Tennis and Mario Golf for the GameCube (I think) so fresh and in to play with a smile on my face. But unfortunately Tennis Open didn't have any of those things, another reason why it was underwhelming and bad. I also love the animations when you get a Birde as well, that too, in my opinion looks like it makes the game fresh and fun.

I really like how Mario Sports games are made with the characters peronsality theme. Like, in Stikers they all acted serious and mature. And in tennis and golf, they acted funny and casual, and I like that.

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