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I couldn't get into Mario 3D Land. NSMB2 was really disappointing, it was really dull and repetitive and didn't really make me want to play it more after I beat it. Nintendo better step up their game :(

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NSMB2 wasn't bad, but wasn't good either. Super Mario 3D land on the other hand...

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I like New Super Mario Bros. 2. It was like an updated version of New Super Mario Bros. only with better quality and a new theme. I felt entertained because I would always get new lives. I had over 500 lives before beating World 6, and it was hilarious knowing that, even if I died too much, there would always be that Super Racoon to help me become invincible. It was hilarious and tedious to enemies.

Mario Kart 7 felt like a portable version of Mario Kart Wii. It was fun and felt exactly like Mario Kart Wii, which is my second favorite Wii game, after Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's kind of like how Super Mario Land was the portable version of Super Mario Bros. It was a downgraded version, but still very fun. Super Mario 3D Land was kind of like Super Mario 64, (DS) but not as fun. I enjoyed Super Mario 64 (DS) a lot more, but that's probably because of the unlockable characters and awesome level selector. You had to get stars and walk around the castles to specific doors to unlock them. I didn't feel like I had to go in a linear set of levels like Super Mario 3D Land, but also not like Super Mario Bros. 3. Super Mario 64 (DS) also had a more 3D atmosphere, and I felt like I was in the game. I only played the DS Version because I was to young to play N64 at the time, but I would play the crap out of it if it came on the 3DS Virtual Console.

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unrandomsam wrote:

I hate 3D Land the controls are not tight enough something that was never a problem with Super Mario 64 (N64) or Super Mario Galaxy. (Might have been better if it was made to work at 60hz). Don't enjoy playing it or looking for star coins to progress.

Quite like Tennis Open it is bad for your circle pad though I stopped playing it after I wore one out and had to get it fixed by Nintendo. (Especially seen as I got it really cheap when Blockbuster was closing).

New Super Mario Bros 2 is absolute garbage the DLC is a total ripoff and it is 30hz. Not worth getting. Get the Wii version and the Newer mod for it. (Actually seems to remember what was fun about Super Mario World and Bros 3. If you find a secret world it is 6 levels not just a shortcut).

Best portable Mario Games are the GBA versions of Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros 3.
(Yoshi's Island is not as good as the original so shouldn't be bothered with on the GBA).

Well I was thinking more of the games made originally for the handheld, but those games are good as well. I wish MTO had a RPG mode like the rest, it added tons of replayability, plus the story wasn't that bad either, if you could call it that.

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KiDasharus wrote:

Nintendo better step up their game :(

I'm happy to report that they have with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

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I'm really hoping dream team will be the last until AT LEAST 2015.

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TheLilK98 wrote:

I'm really hoping dream team will be the last until AT LEAST 2015.

Minus Mario Golf and Mario Party?

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@CapitanCharlie Oh dang. After they and 3D world come out.

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