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Anyone else been disappointed by them? I mean, Super Mario 3D Land is kind of a half-assed cross between Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy, kind of. It had an end goal but it was not linear and felt confining, while the 64 and Galaxy games felt freeing and fun. And Mario Kart 7 is just Mario Kart DS with a few new features, or a reduced version of Mario Kart Wii. And Sticker Star was pretty much devoid of everything that made Paper Mario fun, like the exclusive characters, charm, humor, personality, gameplay, music, etc.

I don't own Mario Tennis open or NSMB2 but I suspect that they are in a similar vein. I mean, the best games I have are non-Mario titles, like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Animal Crossing; New Leaf. Anyone feel the same way?

Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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Haven't Tried Sticker star, Only played at 7 demo. I know how NSMB 2 is heh-heh. And i enjoyed 3d land. Though it may be just me that im a guy who hasn't have much expendable income...

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Yes. That being said, 3D Land was honestly exactly what I expected and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is an actual "this deserves to exist" sequel.

I think I've needed a break from Mario titles, even ignoring my actual valid complaints. I honestly suggest others to do the same as the non-Mario games Nintendo has made in the past 2 years or so completely destroy these games. I mean not all the games are like this, but for the most part, they don't live up to a New Leaf or Fire Emblem Awakening. Even the very repetitive Project X Zone I've had more fun with just because I can tell how much fun the developers had with the game, instead of feeling like Mario titles as made by soulless robots.

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.I wasn't really disappointed with Mario 3D Land. It was a portable game designed to be a portable game, and felt like a 2D Mario game in 3D space. It felt distinct despite only really being derivative of a bunch of other Mario games because of how much it pulled from. It also helps that it was a ton of fun.

As for NSMB2 and Sticker Star, yeah, not much of a fan. Especially of the latter. Sticker Star failed to work with its own ideas in a manner that made it enjoyable on its own merits. It felt as though many of its aspects contradicted the others. What's the point in battling when the reward is in just barely more coins than what the stickers that you just used cost? It felt jarring to have a game that was not an RPG have an turn-based battle system. As for NSMB2, it felt more like DLC to the DS game with better graphics than its own distinct game. Still fun, but not really worth the money it cost, in my mind.

As for Mario Kart 7... It's kind of supposed to be very familiar. I don't know if its a good thing for a Mario Kart game to be different from its predecessors. People like how it's the same.

Is it bad that the best games on the 3DS are non-Mario, though? I agree with the sentiment; I wouldn't put any of the 3DS Mario games in my personal top 10 for the system, but I never really thought that was the case for the DS either (except maybe Mario Kart, but even then any time I spent on it or appreciation I had for it didn't matter once 7 came out. Not so with TWEWY, 999, the Castlevania games, etc.) I've always preferred the console games when it came to my Mario

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It doesn't matter what you think!

Mario games will sell, because their Mario, so Nintendo doesn't need to try hard.

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moomoo wrote:

I don't know if its a good thing for a Mario Kart game to be different from its predecessors. People like how it's the same.

my main issue is that it felt samey even compared to other Nintendo sequels. There was nothing exciting in that game or any reason why I should play it over the Wii game or even the DS game.

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To be honest, I'm not really that disappointed with the Mario games on the 3DS, Mario Kart 7 is pretty fun and bar a missing feature and a few characters, is arguably one of the best in its series. Mario 3D Land was fun too, albeit a bit easy for the first half the game. And I've really enjoyed both Luigi's Mansion 2 and Mario & Luigi Dream Team, finding them better than their (already great predecessors).

As for New Super Mario Bros 2... it depends. I didn't exactly love it as a game because of how much was needlessly recycled, but there are some good arguments that the actual game/level design is top notch regardless, and it is still pretty fun to play.

For example, this article makes some pretty good arguments in defence of the game:

As for Paper Mario Sticker Star... no comment there. I didn't bother to even buy it, since I realised I'd hate the lack of new characters, of partners, of level up stuff, of personality... and decided it was best to skip out all together. I arguably got the best bit simply by listening to the soundtrack on Youtube...

But I'm generally not disappointed with Mario games on 3DS.

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Super Mario 3D Land took a unique stance by mixing 2D and 3D and was never going to be on a Super Mario Galaxy scale anyway. Despite half the game being easy, 3D Land is also pretty fun and is great for a handheld.

My only complaint with Mario Kart 7 is the poor choice of new characters and the absence of Waluigi. Otherwise, it got everything else right. The new track designs were excellent, arguably the best since Double Dash.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 missed out on a lot of potential for copying and pasting too much from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but the level design and coin collecting is still fun. It would've been much better if it had mostly new music, though.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is clearly my least favorite of the Mario 3DS games. The sticker system was not implemented well at all and it severely slowed down the pace of the game. While it had the classic Paper Mario humor, it was lame to learn that Bowser never even had dialogue. I didn't experience this firsthand because I simply stopped playing the game in the middle of Chapter 3 and probably won't beat it for a while yet, if ever. The only thing that saves Sticker Star is it's fantastic soundtrack.

So, for the most part, the Mario 3DS games have been good to me. However, I expect the Mario 3DS games to take a turn for the best when Mario & Luigi: Dream Team releases this Sunday and Mario Party 3DS comes this Christmas.


I enjoy them...3D Land was fun, I mean yeah its not Galaxy epic...but still enjoyable and it changed things up with mixing 2D elements with 3D gameplay. Sticker Star I enjoyed simply because I didn't set my expectations all the way up like everyone else did. I knew it wasn't going to top TTYD....yeah there's some stuff I didn't like about the game but I still enjoy it. Mario kart 7 is...well, Mario Kart...don't play it as much but I keep it around in case I wanna play it again.
And according to reviews, Alpha Dream pretty much nailed it again with the next Mario and Luigi.

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paper mario sticker star is no where near as good as the games I played. The battle system gets old from time to time: I mean come on... use a sticker to attack and press the A button at the right time to block? There is almost no strategy in the battles except for the bosses (I'll get to that later). It does not take much brains or skill to win most of the battles, just good timing and the right stickers. Most enemies just seem like a waste of stickers and time, but I do lile the bosses, even though it's irritating that you have to have a specific sticker to beat the boss, it is funny to beat the crap out of them using the sticker. I also like the puzzles in the game.

I have a bone to pick with MK7. Okay, so yes, the level design was awesome for each level, the gliders and racing underwater addition was a good touch, BUT after a while, it just gets repetitive and boring. I remember the times in mario kart wii. The races was almost always insane because of giant mushrooms, stars, ect. That fact fills me with excitement whenever I finished first...I just dont feel that same thing with mario kart seven. Oh, and not only they removed two items, but they also removed vs mode for some reason :-?
I never had a problem with racing on the same tracks, it's racing on them in the SAME ORDER....that is all. I never played the other mario games for 3ds and wii u.

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I was hoping for a SMG type 3DS game, but 3D Land was still great. NSMB2 was an obvious cash in. Luigi's Mansion, although not as good as the first in my opinion, is also great. Sticker Star on the other hand, oh God Sticker Star. This is a half-assed RPG. No leveling, no partners, only one original character, and the crazy-simple battle mechanics?? Lolwut? From what I heard, Miyamoto told the development team to use only Mario characters he created, and to not make their own, and also to make a "new addition to the game to help it be different from the older Paper Mario's(stickers)." I respect the guy and all, but he needs to let them do what they do. He took so much control over the game, and made it what it is. I believe he was implying that the other PM games were boring and repetitive, although all we needed was a game similar to TTYD. And just finishing that game before playing Sticker Star, I bet you could tell how bad I was let down.

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I got 3D Land and enjoyed it, at least enough to take the time to do the crown stage. I was skeptical of NSMB2 from the start, and skipped it. I was going to get SS, but from the moment they announced there wouldn't be leveling up I lost interest. MK7... there's no excuse for that. Not only did it have missing modes, it didn't last half as long as MKWii which I don't understand since the 3DS is more powerful and had more room for content. I mean come on, 3DS cards hold nearly twice as much as Wii discs.

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I think 3D Land is the best Mario game to ever reach a handheld.

I was extremely disappointed by NSMB2 though.

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19Robb92 wrote:

I think 3D Land is the best Mario game to ever reach a handheld.

I was extremely disappointed by NSMB2 though.

Of course, no other handheld game comes remotely close to 3D Land. It's at least up there with the console games IMO, if not right behind them.

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I like 3D land but that is because I'm one who likes 2d mario and hates 3D marios like mario 64 or SMG, so I guess I'm the type of person the game was aimed to, I think even Nintendo has described it as a 3D mario game for people who prefer 2d mario over 3d mario...

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I hate 3D Land the controls are not tight enough something that was never a problem with Super Mario 64 (N64) or Super Mario Galaxy. (Might have been better if it was made to work at 60hz). Don't enjoy playing it or looking for star coins to progress.

Quite like Tennis Open it is bad for your circle pad though I stopped playing it after I wore one out and had to get it fixed by Nintendo. (Especially seen as I got it really cheap when Blockbuster was closing).

New Super Mario Bros 2 is absolute garbage the DLC is a total ripoff and it is 30hz. Not worth getting. Get the Wii version and the Newer mod for it. (Actually seems to remember what was fun about Super Mario World and Bros 3. If you find a secret world it is 6 levels not just a shortcut).

Best portable Mario Games are the GBA versions of Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros 3.
(Yoshi's Island is not as good as the original so shouldn't be bothered with on the GBA).

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ferthepoet wrote:

I like 3D land but that is because I'm one who likes 2d mario and hates 3D marios like mario 64 or SMG, so I guess I'm the type of person the game was aimed to, I think even Nintendo has described it as a 3D mario game for people who prefer 2d mario over 3d mario...

I would say you definitely have different ideas of what makes 2D Mario good to me.

For me it has the worst bits of 3D Mario (Star Coins - Even worse being the ones that it is required to use Racoon Mario for. Or the forced 3D levels.).

Along with the best bits of 2D Mario running through the level at full speed not well enough implemented to be fun. (I can play it by slowing down but it removes the enjoyment completely for me). Even on e.g The lost levels (NES version) whenever you die you know it is because you did it wrong. This doesn't have that.

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I agree with the sentiment that the 3DS Mario games have lacked much spirit. Personally, I'm probably the only person in the world who loved NSMB2 (the insane amount of coin collecting was somehow exciting for me), but that's the exception for me. Sticker Star was alright but extremely disappointing for a Paper Mario title; it had so much potential and ended up feeling half baked and void of personality. MK7 was fun and I thought it was innovative with water and air racing... Until I played Sonic Racing Transformed and realized that MK7's water and air racing wasn't much different than normal racing. The tennis title was fun but I lost interest quickly. And Super Mario 3D Land? The biggest disappointment of all. It wasn't BAD, not in the slightest, but simply wasn't memorable and felt trapped halfway between 2D and 3D. And oh my god the spamming of tanooki... No, the game could've been so much better, it wasn't bad but wasn't great either.

Still, I have high hopes for Dream Team, as soon as my wallet recovers I will be snapping that one up.

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I'm a bit disappointed by three of them: SM3DL, NSMB2 and MK7, but to be fair, the prior releases of a 3D Mario, NSMB and Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS are in my Top 10 and are also my series' favorites.

Super Mario 3D Land is my favorite retail 3DS game so far, and behind Mutant Mudds overall in terms of 3DS exclusive games. I do think it's a special experience to have blended 2D and 3D Mario near flawlessly. Personally, the only thing that has held it back for me is the design of the 3DS. I can't seem to get a long jump going with the system. I had the same problem when trying to play SM64DS on the 3DS.

With New Super Mario Brothers 2, I personally think it puts both NSMBWii and NSMBU to shame with its more explorative approach to gather up as many coins as possible by discovering all the little secrets within each level. I like to call it the 3D 2D Mario game, a perfect sibling for the 2D 3D Mario game Super Mario 3D Land. It's the only New Series game I feel is new following the original.

Mario Kart 7's brilliant in its racing and track designs, but it didn't hold up to Mario Kart DS in the long run due to its lack of a single player VS mode. Had it contained that mode, it would've became my favorite Mario Kart and be in my Top 10 of all time and certainly would be one of, if not, my favorite 3DS game.

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