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I'm wondering for those in the UK or Japan - how important is understanding the text to play the game. Is it something I won't enjoy if I don't read the language the text is in? Debating if I should even try to play it on my Japan 3DS that has it preinstalled, or if I should get the English version when it is released here.

Leaning towards waiting and picking up the English version and leaving my Luigi 3DS in mint unopened condition ...



Can you not wait two and a half weeks for a copy of the game you will be able to understand and enjoy to the fullest of your ability without having to look up translations? For heaven's sake, show some patience.

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Uh.... I think for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, which is an RPG, it's a good idea to understand the story. And I heard that a lot of the funny moments are also on the dialogues, so essentially, you'll miss a lot, I think. (I find the idea of not understanding what is being said unbearable, I need to learn more Japanese, and soon

Anyhow, that's my two cents about this.


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Haha - that is what I was leaning towards. The platformer Mario games it doesn't matter much, this will be my first in the series and by the looks of it story is more of a big deal as will knowing what the characters are saying



It's your choice, there's no real right or wrong answer here. On the one hand, you'll probably enjoy the story more if you wait and buy a US version of the game in which you can understand what people are saying. On the other hand... this game never really requires you to understand what people are saying, since it comes loaded with things like demos, demonstration pictures for attacks, icons on screen, etc that kind of make clear how to do anything important. And it doesn't take a genius to realise 'when Mario needs to do something, press A and when Luigi needs to do something, press B'.

It all depends on what your value more, getting the game sooner or understanding the storyline.

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Play it in Japanese. It's a much superior language.

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Do you have no patience at all? It comes out in two weeks, wait!

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