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@pixelman - OK, I see; you want it all to take place in one location? That much I can understand, its just so many people ask for too much when it comes to new upcoming games. Just look at Sticker Star: "It's not TTYD, let's hammer it down to the ground for how different it is!" Oy...

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My ideal setting for a new Mario & Luigi game would be an entirely new kingdom like in the first game. It would give them a lot of creative freedom plus it would actually be a real place and not just a dream land.

That said I don't really mind the setting of this game, I just think it could be better.

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I don't even mind it being set in a dream world — just do it right plz. The 2D platforming stuff has yet to work well in a Mario RPG (again, IMO), and right now it looks like it's just a place to put some silly minigames and psychedelic backgrounds in rather than creating a creatively twisted, dreamlike vision of the Mushroom Kingdom. I feel like that'd be a sad waste of a great opportunity. I mean, imagine Peach being the villain and enslaving all of the toads, or something, lol.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll rock, because it does look fun. I just hope it's not another BIS.



Yeah, I wasn't a big fan of the 2D sections either. (Another reason why SS was the beest of the three.) But at least there's still a focus on Mario and Luigi in the overworld this time.

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I do agree that purely from a gameplay/JRPG standpoint the 2d sections of the last game were perhaps the worst part of the series. But I gotta be honest, between everything involving playing as Bowser and the clever use of minigames I absolutely adored that game before I could think of much in terms of actual criticism.

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pixelman wrote:

19Robb92 wrote:

He means 'worlds within worlds'. As the insides of Bowser or, this time, Luigi's dreams. I assume he wants them to stick to one theme and go with it instead of trying to mix the 2D sections in there, like SS did. Even PIT had the time traveling aspect, it was OK. But I agree with him about wanting everything to take place within one world. It makes the game feel a lot more cohesive and alive when everything is happening in the same place IMO.

Yep, this. I'm playing PIT right now and I don't mind the time traveling so far, but I really hated Bowser's guts.

Yeah, I never understood why everybody hated that...

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I felt so excited when Mr. Iwata announced Mario & Luigi: Dream Team! Also, I can't wait for it this summer! It is the Year of Luigi!


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I hope Fawful appears in the game,that guy made Bowsers Inside Sotry for me,

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Cool article, how did you find it?

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Really hoping to get Mario & Luigi: Dream Team once it comes out!

Feel free to add my FC. I won't bite, I promise :D


Wow, I had no idea people disliked Bowser's Inside Story so much... I thought it was tied with Superstar Saga as the best in the series. Bowser's Inside Story had nice diversity. Bowser would usually have the 3D sections while Mario and Luigi had the 2D sections. Of course, sometimes M&L would go into a 3D World..

Honestly, I'm surprised.

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So during today's Nintendo Direct, we got a glimpse of the story for the first time. The release date is also August 11.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Starlow go on vacation to an island populated by block people like Baroque Monsieur. While Luigi is sleeping, Peach is suddenly into a vortex into Luigi's dreams, apparently getting kidnapped by a mysterious villain. Now Mario and Luigi must alternate between the dream world and conscious world to get her back.

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I've been waiting for this for a long time. Glad they didn't kill this series! My favorite is still the first one but Browsers inside story was good as well.

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This could possibly be GOTY right here. I can't wait for this!



You know, there was no way this game was gonna be bad at all. But I am so disappointed Alpha Dream only makes Mario and Luigi games, they shouldn't be known for just one series. This simultaneously proves my point and yet somehow also makes it irrelevant. This looks completely amazing.

I mean the battles are so cool you could call the Super Mario Brothers bada**. That's impressive.

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