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munchakoopas wrote:

How did you beat bowser Jr? the dude is nigh impossible as he steals your bro attacks

Hmmm... I don't recall my strategy, but I do remember a highlight of the battle: jump into the Koopa Clown Car when Bowser Jr. isn't in it.

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If you're having a lot of trouble, use the Gold/Miracle badge combo (to freeze time) or the Silver/Mirage badge combo (to reset time). The former freezes Jr in place and stops him stealing anything (meaning you can pile on him with your best attacks for two or so turns with impunity), the latter gives you them back after he's stolen them.

And if you're having trouble building a badge meter, equip the Boost Gear (which builds the meter every time Mario or Luigi takes a hit). You'll have no trouble them.

Then again, that's pretty much the best strategy for the whole game. Having trouble? Freeze time and blast those enemies to pieces with impunity!

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