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The next installment in the Mario & Luigi series has been announced today. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team features 3D graphics for the first time in the series and involves Mario traveling in the world of Luigi's dreams. What do you think?



Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I love the Mario & Luigi RPGs. Still need to finish up Bowser's Inside Story, though. Screenshot I saw seems to indicate the return of Starlow which is cool

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Huh, I honestly wasn't expecting a M&L title to be announced. It looks like they (sort of) went back to subcon a la' Super Mario Bros. 2 (American version). Fascinating.


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You can tell I'm excited.

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Best news ever. I'm definitely going to buy this.



Best news to come out of today's Nintendo Direct if you ask me! Bowser's Inside Story is probably my favourite DS game and this one looks very interesting. I find it slightly weird that they didn't give it a proper name in the European Nintendo Direct, though.

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YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS IM GOING TO BE FANBOYING ALL DAY. I've been waiting for this news since the 3ds got released. I totally called it earlier this week "Mario and Luigi RPG 4 will be announced next direct which will be Wednesday." I only missed it by a day.
Mario and Luigi RPG is my favorite video game series ever.
Wait a minute (SPOILERS) I was sure the shroobs would be in this game. But I didn't see any. Guess we'll have to wait and see.



I didn't expect it, but I've been dreaming of a new Mario & Luigi game for a while!

Ideal_Hero wrote:

Yahoo! I'm lovin' the year of Luigi already!

I feel bad for the Snake getting demoted.
I guess you could say his position isn't so solid any more!

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Seems like I'm going to become poor soon...

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getting this game for my son and I to share. Best Valentine's day ever

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I've never played a game in this series... I may have to rectify that.

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If a new 3D Mario isn't coming this year, this is my most anticipated title of the year. After hearing about Paper Mario 3DS (know known as Paper Mario Sticker Star) I thought this series was dead, but I was wrong! So excited, and it's nice to finally have a true Mario RPG on 3DS! If only summer could come sooner...

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It's pretty ironic because I just beat Bowser's Inside Story a couple weeks ago and now THIS!!!
The game so far looks kinda confusing to me but I like the look of it and I'm ofcourse getting it!!!

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I cant wait for this one it looks awsome


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Loooooove the new graphics.


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Could this direct be any better!! Yes I love this series and will get this day one!

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I gotta be honest, I wasn't that interested in another one but like much of the last game, this looks really creative and cool.

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When this comes out, I'm gonna GRAB IT and shake it around.

Then lock myself in my room and NEVER STOP PLAYING.
That's how excited I am for this :3.

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