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Luigi's Mansion 2: The visuals could match up to the original. Luigi would explore a haunted skyscraper in Mushroom City(obviously not every room and floor would be explored)and would gain new abilities, such as jumping, pushing, and new ghost and boo varieties would be introduced. Their would be Mr. L covered in green smoke as the main antagonist, who secretly works for King Boo.
Mario Tennis
A 2d platformer
A 3d platformer

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Yoshi's Island 3DS. If they kept it to only Baby Mario and evened out the difficulty a bit, it would be a great game.


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Okay, get ready...a PRIZE GRABBER game! From the perspective of the claw of course. It would be like you were actually reaching into the screen to grab something!
Wow...that started as a joke...but now I kind of want to play it...CURSES!

Actually, I was wondering about Pikmin 3. It hasn't been officially announced but I think Miyamoto said it was in the works. There could be a really cool effect of looking down through the screen to the characters, stressing how small they are compared to their surroundings, as if you were looking down at a bug. It could also make the enemies look all the bigger and more dangerous. How cool would a 3D flaming Bulborb be?!

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mario paintball and a sequel to luigis mansion

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