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Portal aint a weird name.


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Mario Paint Remake!!!

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A Luigi's mansion game will be great

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If they have a Mario game where Mario puts a mustache on you and then get sucked by the 3DS and then finish the levels in the Mushroom Kingdom all the way to Bowser's Castle and then get chased by a giant Bowser,i will buy it!

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I want a pixel-art Mario game, like the good old days. I think a 16-bit style platformer would look amazing in 3D if it used interesting layering/parallax scrolling effects. I love the NSMB series (in fact NSMBW is probably my favorite 2D Mario game) but it's a bit lacking from an artistic standpoint.

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I want a really epic 3D Mario platformer; even more epic than galaxy. I know some people may not want this, but I would really like to see some CG cutscenes that look as good as the cutscenes in brawl. Unlike super mario galaxy 2, I would like to see a better story; I think Galaxy 2 is the best game ever made, but it definately would have been better if it had a stronger story or at least a stronger opening.

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Aside from my Waluigi comment, I want a 2D Mario game...except you create your own levels...(it could use the NSMB engine or whatever, lol)

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I'd like Wario World 2. Loved the first on on Gamecube..

Oh, this is a Mario thread... Well, how about a Mario game that lets you create your own levels and stuff with DLC for tools, backgrounds, enemies, and all that... Pretty much LBP but Mario style. That would sell like HOT cakes.
And I see BellGo Riiing got to it first than me.

Oh, and I'd like to see Wario's Woods 3D but that probably won't happen.. :/



peterifico wrote:

Reala wrote:

Mario FPS


actually i was just thinking of that

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Mama Luigi wrote:

Mario Party 3DS

oh yeah

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An SMB1/2J level designer for 3DSware where you can string all of your levels together to make your own SMB1/2J game. Afterwards, you can draw your own logo that will come up on the title screen. You can play it right on your 3DS with the added 3D, trade it online, trade it with other owners, send the playable game to other 3DSs without the game (it will last until the power is turned off) as well as onto DSs (it will last until the power is turned off), and send it to whatever Nintendo's next console is going to be (I'm sure it would be out already if it were to actually be made). It would also have a sample game containing 4 worlds.

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A Mario-All Stars Remake!!!!

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Let's see.... Mario had a Land, a World, and a Galaxy. The next logical choice is Super Mario Universe!

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This has been suggested in other thread, but here it comes again: Super Mario Slumber, placed in a dream world. Wart could be the end boss

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I'd like to see a Mario game with a basic world map set in the mushroom kingdom (almost ripped from SMB3) but with levels differing from 2D (gameplay I mean) 2.5D, and 3D, all utilizing the new 3D graphical feature. Or perhaps Mario could enter doors and alternate between 2D and 3D worlds (kind of like SMB3 and SM64 little big worlds but on a larger scale)

Failing that, I'd like a Yoshi's Island 3DS.

To be honest though, I think Paper Mario will keep me fairly content.



Me too.

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Funky Gamer wrote:

A game kind of like what epic mickey will be like, only a 2D side scrolling Mario game, using Flipnote like utensils. The player could erase objects, or draw/write (kinda like inscribblenauts) objects.
Here is how it would work:
The player is running around, when an enemy walks by. You can erase him, or draw/write something that makes him happy.

This would actually be pretty cool!

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Mama Luigi wrote:

Mario Party 3DS

I'm with you Mama Luigi on this idea! I really enjoy the Mario Party games and I'd like to see both Mario Party and Mii Party games on the 3DS that incorporate online multiplayer features.

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