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Well I am always able to admit when I am wrong, and BOY was I wrong! Looks like the 3ds is getting released in US and EU in March, POOP!

To each his own.


That's the month my birthday is on so it's not too bad for me.


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My birthday is in March as well so I guess I know what I'm getting for my b-day next year.



At least it's not like 5 months after the 3DS is released in Japan. Only 1 month apart gladly.


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Hey, it gives me plenty of time to find a job and save up for one...

(The Cosmos Black one.)

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Yea I too will be getting the cosmo black it looks like

To each his own.


Okay thats good. I can ask my cousin Jay to get it for my Bday in Japan _

There was a live blog covering the conference...Wow are they sensitive..Sometimes twitter sucks..I think I screwed up.

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The fact that not even Japan is getting it until next year means it's for a reason, I don't mind too much, especially with these other awesome announcements!!!!!

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Sounds fair. Plus It will give me time to save up after I get my "other" 3D setup for Christmas this year. :/

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Graduation present!

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Metroid_Fan wrote:

Hey, it gives me plenty of time to find a job and save up for one...

(The Cosmos Black one.)

Hear this. It'd be nice to get said job before the awesome Xmas Wii line up starts hitting shelves too.

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Yes! I predicted the price and month. I wonder if I can predict the actual day aswell.
My guess is March 20th.

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I guess it's fine. I can focus more on the outstanding Wii titles coming out at Christmas. (DK and GoldenEye, EFF yeah!)



So Nintendo DOESN'T want to sabotage the sales for like 9 games? I'm shocked, SHOCKED I SAY!

but seriously, good move all around

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