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Well I am always able to admit when I am wrong, and BOY was I wrong! Looks like the 3ds is getting released in US and EU in March, POOP!

To each his own.


My birthday is in March as well so I guess I know what I'm getting for my b-day next year.



At least it's not like 5 months after the 3DS is released in Japan. Only 1 month apart gladly.


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Hey, it gives me plenty of time to find a job and save up for one...

(The Cosmos Black one.)

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Yea I too will be getting the cosmo black it looks like

To each his own.


Okay thats good. I can ask my cousin Jay to get it for my Bday in Japan _

There was a live blog covering the conference...Wow are they sensitive..Sometimes twitter sucks..I think I screwed up.

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The fact that not even Japan is getting it until next year means it's for a reason, I don't mind too much, especially with these other awesome announcements!!!!!

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Sounds fair. Plus It will give me time to save up after I get my "other" 3D setup for Christmas this year. :/

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Graduation present!

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Metroid_Fan wrote:

Hey, it gives me plenty of time to find a job and save up for one...

(The Cosmos Black one.)

Hear this. It'd be nice to get said job before the awesome Xmas Wii line up starts hitting shelves too.

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Yes! I predicted the price and month. I wonder if I can predict the actual day aswell.
My guess is March 20th.

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I guess it's fine. I can focus more on the outstanding Wii titles coming out at Christmas. (DK and GoldenEye, EFF yeah!)

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So Nintendo DOESN'T want to sabotage the sales for like 9 games? I'm shocked, SHOCKED I SAY!

but seriously, good move all around

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