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I'll add you as well @Nintengirl o:

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Sounds cool, also i got the game today, it is awesome!

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The game is lovely, pretty good done.



Nintengirl wrote:

I'll add anyone who wants to add me! (I'll be getting the game later this week)

Added you. Add me plzz. Name is Kato. FC is 1762-3089-2416

Name is Kato 3DS FC is 1762-3089-2416


Having a fantastic time with this game. I am on A-4 right now so almost to the scare scraper. I love the humour in this game, it doesn't feel out of place it just weaves right in and fits like a glove.

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Wow. The reception from this game from here and all across the internet & social media is amazing. You can count on Nintendo to give you these special experiences you won't find elsewhere.

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I added @undead_terror and @Emaan
Also @Emaan, yes it seems gamestop was trying to get rid of the poster (they asked the person in line in front of me as well) and I accepted. It's a pretty nice quality poster

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Needs more Dunsparce. Much better

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With all you guys loving this game so much, it sort of makes me want this too. But I've never played it before. I wish a demo would come out. D:

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3DSonicPizzaHD wrote:

I have it the worst...

I have to get a job first before I can get this game.

At least my friend got it so I can do the ScareScraper with him for a while...

I'm barely better off then you. For one thing, I finally do have a job, BUT I'm getting my long overdue deluxe Wii U first, and I need another $250 not including what I get for my first paycheck (which should knock off $100 or so). So yeah, we both ain't getting it for a while my friend.

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playing it now. it is ok so far...

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Anybody just get a spotpass from Miyamoto? He is a level 5 for find mii and has every single puzzle piece!!

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Im enjoying it now, and I like the fact that instead of a gameboy you get a ds original called the dual scream, as much as I hate it, some of us got to go to sleep for work tomorrow.


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