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This is for those of you debating on getting either this or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity tomorrow.

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Can't wait to buy this next week~ n.n


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I'm dl'ing now and will play it for a bit in about 20 mins. If anybody's wondering the file size is just over 6700.

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It's the 24th! Luigi time~

Can't wait for the morning. SO EXCITED

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Hi - just purchased, downloaded, and started Luigi's Mansion and can see that it's registered as one of my products on my Club Nintendo products list, but don't see any option to download the free bonus games listed here - . My 3ds itself was registered on Feb 15 (close shave!) so that shouldn't be an issue - anyone else having this problem?

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It's here in the eShop! ^o^
Downloading right now.. it's 11:20 am over here so I'll be playing all day.

@Nonoa - Lucky you! Makes me wish I hadn't adopted post price drop. D:
You're not the only one having that problem, btw. I see a couple of other people over at GameFAQs having a very similar issue. I have no solutions, unfortunately. Wait for a while maybe? It might resolve itself by morning. I hear it takes a while for Club Nintendo to update.

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Yeah, I'v ebeen hearing that we just need to wait for the club nintendo survey to appear, and that doesn't really happen until the retail versions are in regular circulation. At least I have LMansion to play whilst waiting!

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I want ghost moon! Give it to me!

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Anyone know how to beat that first boss? Please put it in spoiler tags though (we do have those here right?) so you don't spoil it the night of release though.
EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out.

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eshopftw wrote:

worth a buy???

Yes, it is. The single-player mode requires clever manipulation of the environment, and the multi-player is great fun. I might say more later but I'm too tired right now.


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Holy crap! Today's the day!
I'm going the retail route vs. Downloading it.
I'm so every excited to pick it up after church x3.

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@Konata, same

Also my Gamestop doesn't open until 11 AM this morning.
So now I have the final hours of my wait.


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My GameStop doesn't open until 11, and I woke up at 3:30 due to Luigi hype. I'm going to be too tired to play...

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Ah sh!t, it is at my wal-mart but it looks like I won't be able to get it since im bussy with other things -_- maybe tomorrow.

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@Emaan You're lucky. Mine doesn't open until 12 and I can't play it until much later in the night!

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haha, im in the same boat as everyone else it seems. cant wait until 11. anyone else getting a pikachu 3ds with it?

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@Happy_Mask - And you're lucky because it isn't even released in the UK 'til this Friday.

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