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Finished it off earlier today. The final upgrade is totally worth the grinding to unlock it.


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Ketchupcat wrote:

I like snow levels too, is it the one after Old Clockworks? If so, I'm almost there!

Yes, my good sir it is. Right now I am stuck at the end of the Snow Mansion (Secret Mine).

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im am sooo far behind all of you, havent been playin' to much because, dont hate me, i have been paying alot of Steam games, and havent done much with nintendo.

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Well, I just beat the final boss (no points for guessing who that is). The whole game is great, I'm sure it's better than the GCN original. Looks like Luigi gets a pet. ^^

Funny how during the battle, I was running like:
"Run! I'm gonna get crushed! ...Ooo, Gold Bars! Gimme!" XD

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Just finished this a couple of night back, the most enjoyable title i've played yet on the system seriously, excellent stuff. The frustrating timed level thingy brought the game a notch imho but otherwise brilliant



So far I have only played 1.30 hour, but I like it! However, after 15 minutes I stumbled into the first bug: Some soundeffects where gone! After some time they returned, but it's still strange seeing as this game was soooo long into development! I guess there will be a update that fixes this soon!



Henmii wrote:

So far I have only played 1.30 hour, but I like it! However, after 15 minutes I stumbled into the first bug: Some soundeffects where gone! After some time they returned, but it's still strange seeing as this game was soooo long into development! I guess there will be a update that fixes this soon!

It's not game breaking so I doubt we will get a fix.

I've played about 20 hours and I'm almost through the second mansion. Yep I play my games slow. Maybe 4-5 hours were from online. I like to replay a mission after I just finished it.

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.


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I love the little Easter egg you get for beating the game. Very nostalgic and fitting! If you've beat it, but don't know what I'm talking about, ask yourself "who you gonna CALL?"

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Since I found it so early in the game I thought it was something that would happen a lot of times. But I am now 5 hours in and don't experience it anymore!

Needless to say, it's really a great game! Love it!



Ketchupcat wrote:

I have just found what might just be my favorite quote.
"I'm Booger! Why must you always pick on me?"


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Just got the game today and I have to say, the 3D just looks really awesome, and I'm almost done with the first mansion.

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I am in Mansion 3 now! The whole UV-lamp mechanic reminds me of the painting mechanic from Epic Mickey! Seems that game had some purpose after all!



The Boo lines are amazing

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the only parts i've really had trouble with are the ones where luigi has to cross on a tightrope type thingie...i really suck at those. why do they insist on putting movement controls in a game with 3D? that old sweet spot and everything, y'know? really drives me batty.

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The last time I played was like a half a week ago and I was at the second mission in the last mansion, that was hard since I didn't know what to do, but I guess soon I will beat it.

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Fans of the game might want to check out the newest episode of Cool Bits, on YouTube.

They discuss easter eggs related to the original game, DKCR, Super Mario Strikers: Charged, Poltergeist (movie), and more.


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I just finished the game yesterday, and it was awesome. I want a Polterpup.

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