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Luigi's Mansion coming to 3DS! A remake of the original GameCube title. Coming later this year.



Never played Luigi's Mansion so I'll be picking this up for sure!

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And just after I picked up the original on eBay...

Could this mean anything for Gamecube VC on Switch?

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I've started playing the original about 2 years ago but I haven't finished it yet (it got behind on my backlog, i guess), but I will stick to that version.

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I enjoyed Dark Moon enough I'd dip into the original, sure.


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my 2nd hypest game after Smash Bros.
looking forward to beating the game again. on 3DS muhahaha!

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Just watched the trailer again and noticed it was being played on the 2DS XL. Do you think that means it won't have 3D? Captain Toad reveal specifically mentions 3D and shows the game on a 3DS XL.

I hope its 3D, would be a shame if it wasn't seeing how they talked about making the gamecube version 3D originally.



I'm gonna be really interested in the reaction to this game at release. Because remember, the original Luigi's Mansion is way shorter than Dark Moon.

Actually, are they gonna add anything to it? Because while I think Luigi's Mansion is as good of a game as Dark Moon (both despite and because of its shorter length), it is weird to sell a game with significantly less content than the one you released several years ago on the same system.

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Dark Moon controlled like hand-cramping mud, so I see no reason to buy this sidegrade version over the original. When will we get a real sequel? 'Cause this goes right in the "Nintendo still shuffling around in the Gamecube's shadow" file.

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So, that means i can meet Biff Atlas, a Bodybuilder ghost ?

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@Buizel actually... that’s something I didn’t fully think through. Nintendo isn’t afraid to have duel releases on the 3DS and Switch (e.g. Fire Emblem Warriors and Captain Toad) and, given the push away from 3DS (most of the Direct was Switch games and there’s not a lot of 3DS games announced at this point), why wasn’t this a Switch game (or at least both systems)? Could it be that GameCube games ARE coming to Switch’s Virtual Console, which will come out alongside the online service later this year, and this was just a bone for the 3DS owners that didn’t get a Switch yet? Of course, that could be reading into it.

Of note, the “classic games” available to Switch online subscribers supposedly have added online features, showing they aren’t above adding features this time around, one of which could be the boss rush (with online leaderboards).

Of course, that’s a slightly off topic hypothesis so I won’t get too far down that path and besides, even if it’s a different platform it feels like this would cannibalize those sales (unless it didn’t take many resources to make a 3DS version).

As for this 3DS entry... idk, I wanna see if it’s a budget title (doubt it), as Luigi’s Mansion is fairly short and, even with an added boss rush, this doesn’t feel like it should be a full priced game at this point... but maybe I’m not the target audience, I did enjoy LM back in the day but on the other hand it was a launch title and my only other game when I got my GameCube that Christmas was Melee (Pikmin soon followed but LM was basically just my intro to the GameCube library).

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I could be tempted by this but tbh it just gets harder and harder to justify buying 3DS games, even fantastic looking games like Ever Oasis and Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy I have gotten yet.

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More ports of GameCube classics please!



@Haru17: The controls did take some getting used to in Dark Moon, but I didn't think they were that bad overall. Granted, I could see people with huge hands having problems.

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@Tyranexx yup, it was a poor control scheme, it and kid icarus need a New 3DS patch badly, but it’ll never happen.

I’d settle for a switch port of kid ic, easily one of the best multiplayer games Ninty ever did, me and my mate used to go online and dominate as a 2 some, lol



@Tyranexx I didn't like aiming the vacuum, mostly. Didn't you have to stand still to aim up or something? I don't recall, but it felt very different than the original.

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It's been awhile since I've played this game but were the analog triggers used at all?


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There's been another clear advantage to Nintendo combining their console and handheld resources for the Switch. It means despite not being nearly as popular as Wii or DS, Nintendo is somehow supporting the 3DS way more this late in the game. Which honestly makes them look dumb and disappointing for Wii and DS. Like...they gave up on Wii literally after Wii U came out with the exception of I think literally ONE game. And that one had to be published over here by a 3rd party.

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