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I have a lot of 5-6iv pokemon for trade!
(yes I am new to this forum, no I am not here to scam people)

I have for trade:

5iv Deino with Mild Nature and Hustle
5iv Deino with Rash Nature and Hustle
6iv Deino with Timid Nature and Hustle
6iv Deino with Lax Nature and Hustle
6iv Deino with Bashful Nature and Hustle
5iv Accelgor with Hardy Nature and Sticky Hold
5iv Escavalier with Serious Nature and Swarm
6iv Herdier with Gentle Nature and Intimidate
6iv Cloyster with Bold Nature and Skill Link
5iv Ninetales with Adamant Nature and Drought
6iv Simipour with Naughty Nature and Gluttony
6iv Simisage with Serious Nature and Gluttony
5iv Simisear with Impish Nature and Gluttony
5iv Hawlucha with Careful Nature and Mold Breaker
6iv Reuniclus with Lonely Nature and Overcoat
6iv Rotom with Modest Nature and Levitate (Italian)

Have Heart Scales upon request

Looking for:

any shiny pokemon including fish
(Not interested in Gourgeist, Tauros, Luvdisc, Togekiss, Snorunt, Meditite, Ditto, Excadrill, Trevenant, Dragalge, Octillery, Gigalith, Kingdra, Amoongus, Conkeldurr, Clawitzer, Golem, or Gyarados)

Scyther with Metal Coat
any evolution by trade pokemon except Trevenant and Gourgeist

Shiny Stones

Message me or reply here if you are interested!
Hope to make a trade with you!

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