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Gah, this is a fairly annoying problem (to me, anyway)...

My 3DS seems just about fine, apart from a few dead pixels on the bottom screen and a piece of dust UNDER the top 3D screen. Though here's my main problem: the hinge for the screen lid is loose on the left side. This is very noticeable when playing Face Raiders, as when I lift the 3DS to a 90 degree angle to shoot faces, the screen actually falls forward a little bit.

If I'm playing a game with the 3DS still, it's fine, unless I slightly nudge the left side of the screen and feel the wobble.

Incase you haven't guessed already, I have a rather mild case of OCD.

I'm just wondering, have any of you people found the same thing with your 3DS's?
Would I go about contacting Nintendo on this, or not? D:

I like my expensive tech to be perfect. Sadly, not much stuff I buy actually is. Though the 3DS seems like a fairly stable device, and I haven't heard anyone mentioning any flaws like mine.

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There's a thread for this here. :3

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