Topic: Looking for people to play animal crossing new leaf with me

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Things to know:

No cutting down trees
dont take all of my fruit
Always use internet connection with me
We can go to any town you want
I have pears and I am trying to grow cherries
please donate to my community project

What I need in your response:

Friend code
Towns name
Name in the game
3ds system name
What time you want to meet
What day you want to meet
Whose town you want to meet in
Your timezone
If other people with be joining us

My info:

FC: 4554-0810-4049
Town: Lilacan
Both of my names are Emily
I can meet on weekends and holidays
I will be in central time until August 15 then i will be in eastern time
I dont care whose town we meet in
I would love it if other people joined us

Name: Emily
Game: Animal Crossing new leaf
Town: Lilacan


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