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Does 3ds LL mean the same as 3ds XL? Is it the same device? I'm assuming LL is just the Japanese abbreviation for XL?

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Same thing

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Coldfirex44 wrote:

Such misleading title/header. This thread might be removed by the Mods and/or Admins

How exactly is it misleading? noob..



@You_Silly_Human: from the looks of your topic, you're asking whether to get a Japanese 3DS LL or a EU/NA 3DS XL. That's why it may be misleading; it's the only reason i popped in to check it out, really. Please stop leaping to insults as your first response when questioned by another user.

that said, yes, you are correct. from what I understand, it's a double-large, or 'XL' size — they use the same 'LL' abbreviation to denote the next size up from Large for other things as well, like clothing or food items. if you wind up in Japan and need an extra-large size of something, they may not understand XL off the bat, but they'd most likely understand LL immediately.

If you have any other Japan-related questions, you may want to try asking in our Japan Discussion thread. Good luck to you!

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