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Topic: Little Samson Remake! Plz!

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If they go forward with bringing Bonk 3DS to fruition as the Nintendo Power magazine made it appear then they need to remake and revamp Little Samson on the Nintendo 3DS next!

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Dude, this was a gem too many peep's including myself missed out on! B-)
The cart alone on eBay is reDUCKulously expensive as it is. But if we're going to talk remakes.....Then we need to talk StarTropics. :D

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Never heard of it. O_o

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Was one of the last games for the system that came out from Taito who has another of those well overpriced classics up there 'Bubble Bobble 2' which also gets up there with this in that $120+ range. Unless you have deep pockets, no clue about the value of a dollar, or don't care about using emulation or a powerpak odds are it won't be easily ever had sadly.

It would be great if this and bubble bobble 2 made their way to the VC on the 3DS or remade as they're fantastic.

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