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I've just thought, if we all post the SSFIV Spammers we won't have to lose our hard earned PP to them, so if you see their name, you can just quit. Add any you know of here, in a few hours i'll post a list!!!

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First of all, Street Fighter IV stuff goes here please.

Secondly, do you filter your opponents? If you play with touchscreen rules, there's really no point of playing the game online or competitively. Sure, you'll find opponents faster, but you're wasting your own time.

Play with buttons only. While you will get spammers, the kinds of people that would spam moves on buttons-only are rarely competent enough to survive a tactical beat-down.

Third, in the time it would take you to track down all the spammers, you could master multiple characters using buttons-only. Become stronger. Beat them with skill and tactics, not button mashing and tapping.

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