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Everything you play get's added to the Software Library including DS games, but it only has 16 pages. What happens if you fill all 16 of those pages? Do more pages get added after you fill up the default 16 or do the least played titles get knocked out of the ALSL?


It's speculated that either the oldest title or the least played gets knocked off. I can't say for sure--I wouldn't want to be the guinea pig one to insert all my old games into the 3DS for the sake of testing.

Personally, I can't think of a time where you would need more than 16 pages for data comparisons or anything but I realize it is a valid question.

EDIT:Performing a search didn't give me any answers either. I'm kinda tempted to fill the log now...

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The oldest title is deleted after the 256th title is entered in the log.

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I suppose this will include activity from those 3DSWare and DSiWare games we will eventually be able to download.

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Yup. That suddenly makes the 256 limit seem a little smaller. Between the built in software, DS games, 3DS games, VC games, 3DS/DSi Ware, demos, etc. I can see people filling it up pretty quickly even. I doubt people will want to keep track of stuff like Health and Safety information though.

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yeah i don't know what made them keep track of that! the good thing is that all these can be improved changed with updates, the bad thing is we all know how bad ninty is with updates



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