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It's the nature of consumer-oriented technology. Look at the now-exploding tablet market -- the iPad hit like gangbusters, so now every company is putting one out. With any new/different consumer electronic device/tech, there will always be one or two companies that test the waters, and once they've proven market-feasible, other companies will roll out their version (which likely were in various stages of development anyway, but just not yet determined to be profitable or ready-for-market).

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Good thing the 3DS has other features other than 3D.



WaltzElf wrote:

Dragon+Warrior wrote:

Good thing the 3DS has other features other than 3D.

And phones don't?

I believe the point he was trying to make was that its good that Nintendo put other innovations other than glasses free 3D into the 3DS so that all their thunder wouldn't be stolen by the next glasses free 3d device on the market.

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Iphone will make the jump towards 3D when high res 3D screens with a wider view angle are jumping onto the market.
This is probably the reason why iphone 5 isn't going to get a 3D screen.



A Phone dose, What Nintendon't...........wait What?

Dose it matter if everything get 3D? Nintendo dosen't own it.
The 3D thing is just a gimmick, to rell in a new crowd, not really my selling point.

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Am I the only person that thinks that 3D on a phone is completely useless and a waste of an already small battery?

I mean, if people are complaining about battery life on a gaming system, where 3D is a welcome and somewhat practical feature, I don't imagine many people will be happy to have to charge their phone twice as often, simply for 3D applications.

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Hardy83 wrote:

Well I was expecting 6-12 months before smartphones go 3D, so I guess I was right.

I'm sure Apples next Iphone will be 3D as well, if not that one, then the one next year.

Obviously Nintendo will sell buttloads of systems, but the question is how long will the sales last? Cause there's NO WAY it'll last as long as the DS has, not the way the mobile market is now.

Touch Screens can't work with 3D screens.

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I may be being a bit thick/naive, but don't most games for devices like this run landscape and you turn your phone to play? Cause that'll ruin the shutter effect, surely? (unless your eyes are one on top of the other)

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Hope they're ready to support the phone with at least streaming 3G video content. Even if this thing supports Android, the games still need to be made specifically for this device's screen to display stereoscopic 3D.

Hope this thing has a big battery, too. Constantly connected, phone calls, 3D screen (twice the backlighting needed), playing/pushing 3D games, 3D movie capture, internet browsing? Could be worse off than the 3DS.

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