Topic: Let us be honest .. Paper Mario: Sticker Star too childish ??

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I don't like sticker star not because it's childish, but because it's a bad game. It's the only game that I've EVER resold. As for the concerns of being childish, who cares. I'm in college and when I'm bored on campus I'll pull out my 3ds and play Mario, kid Icarus or whatever i'm in the mood of playing. Play what you like not what others think you should be playing.



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what does being old enough to drink have to do with anything? if we're using that logic then i shouldn't be playing a lot of games! :3 but i haven't played sticker star though i was thinking about picking it up the other day. but i think mario's more charming than it is childish

No no don't get me wrong, I mean I'm THAT years old ..

ohhh i see. well i haven't played it (still not done with 3D Land ) but i mean, like I said I think Mario is more charming than it is childish. Lol i was over at the IGN forums a bit ago and I had told someone they were acting childish, and they said back to me: 'oh well you're playing Mario who's the child now?). Lol I thought was more funny than anything, then they proceeded to tell me I wasn't a 'real' gamer lol. But back to the point you shouldn't care what people thing about what you're playing, I mean it's fun to you right? And IMO that's all that matters so keep on playing Mario and loving it!


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