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Bigrat wrote:

I have never played a LEGO Pirates game, only watched a batman game for 5 minutes and I have 2 Lego Star wars games. I got the Star Wars III for the 3DS. In 3D, the lego star Wars games have very good graphics. My friend has lego star wars III for the Wii and the graphics are horrible on it, the 3DS has way better graphics.

Yes, now that I've played on 3DS I don't really want to play on the Wii anymore. The graphical capabilities of the 3DS have spoiled me. Nevertheless I will be going back to 2D so I can enjoy Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Little Deviants on the Sony NGP. I only hope that the NGP and Nintendo Project Cafe aren't HIGHLY expensive. The price tag on the iPad is quite hefty for as I only consider the iPad to be bigger version of the iPhone/ iTouch.

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