Topic: L Button not working (HUGE AND WEIRD UPDATE)

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Wait wait wait.. it started? already.. not even 2 years old....

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clubmini wrote:

Wait wait wait.. it started? already.. not even 2 years old....

My DSi's buttons started to fail before it was 1 year old. My 3DS is working fine, I hope it stays that way until a redesign gets released or something.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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So for two full days the L button has been working fine, no problem. Again: It started working as SOON as put MK7 in the system.



Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem, and it is one that I've had with my original DS Lite. If you're out of warranty, you can actually fix it yourself. The procedure is really easy, especially if you have any hardware experience as a PC technician that's worked on a few laptops before. (I have this experience, and repair most of my electronics by myself.) You'll have to open up the 3DS and see what's wrong. Judging by the area's structure, there's a high possibility that the shoulder ribbon needs to be replaced.

Attached to the shoulder ribbon, is a small rubber button that is the ACTUAL L trigger button. This can get dirty or worn down over time, or break by accidentally placing it in your back pocket and sitting on it. (Mind barely clicks due to constant use of Mario Kart and Kid Icarus. DO NOT BE AFRAID here are some links that can help you with the installation.

Right Shoulder Button
Left Shoulder Button

As for the part itself? Google it. Personally, I'm considering buying one of the broken 3DS's people sell for parts on the cheap off Ebay. The part itself should be popular, since this more of a problem than the people on this thread are leading you to believe.

I love my 3DS, and learning how to open it up and tinker with the parts is akin to a car enthusiast messing around with the engine. GOOD LUCK.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL - ** / ***** (2 out of 5 stars). There are some loose parts like the spring that my pop out if you're not careful, but it's really set in place.

PS: If you have the warranty, use it, it's free. Beware, the console that returns to you may not be your own.

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