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Hey so i recently got Kirby Triple Deluxe, but my friend already gave me his code to club Nintendo before i got the game.
On a first come first serve basis here is a free club nintendo code of KTD: 9TX-KLR9-2W8B-6TX
Enjoy! (if you redeemed the code please write something below)


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Thanks. @Supervideoman22.

@D-man you posted Kirby fighter z two times.

Heh, speaking of that I'll be getting Drum Dash first if it comes stateside.

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Great game, I'm on the final boss, biggest surprise of the year.

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What's the difference between Keychains and rare keychains? Do I have to get rare keychains as well or just getting keychains alone is good enough to complete 100%? Also, How do I know which level I can get a rare keychain on?

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I'm giving my thoughts for this game after completing it 100%.

Easily the best game for the 3DS and a definite must buy for anyone into platform games. Its charm, difficulty, new abilities and bonus content makes up for it although the 3D isn't really much in this game I'll tell you that. The only issue I have with this is that getting both rare and normal keychains aren't much of fun to begin with and you can't tell if this level has a rare keychain or not forcing you to play all the levels over again. And for the sake of being picky here, Meta Knight should have been in this game and I don't understand why he wasn't there.........

I'd give it a 9/10. I can't compare between Shovel Knight and this one because both are extremely fun games to play.

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@Artwark I agree completely. I think Meta Knight wasn't in the game since it's celebrating Amazing Mirror's 10th anniversary. And since in that game, Dedede was absent and Meta Knight needed to be saved, it's like they switched roles.
Also, I beat The True Arena with Hammer today! I lost my ability on the final boss's first phase, but I beat it and her second phase with no ability. Now I'm gonna try the whole thing with no ability!
For anyone having trouble, try Archer, Leaf, or Stone. They all have ways to become completely invincible and come out to attack whenever you feel the time is right.

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Felt like bumping this than making a new thread...even though I haven't really started yet. I'm thinking of recording the Sound Test to make my own soundtrack of this game. I've done this before with another game, but unlike Dream Team...the tracks are numbered and nothing else. So I may have trouble identifying/naming some tracks and all that. Figured I would ask around here once I started. (and no I'm not downloading ten bazillion times from Youtube, lol)


I can't get enough of the Queen Sectonia final boss music tracks, especially Dirty & Beauty and Moonstruck Blossom. So epic!



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