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They may not have put enough emphasis on this, but there's a KH3D demo available in the eShop. So download it RIGHT NOW!

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Downloading now...

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Not for us Brits as far as I can see
Edit: it is available now

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This made my night! Downloading naoooooo

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Oh, yay! That's actually good news, I have always wanted to play one of these Kingdom Hearts to see what's all the fuzz about.

Meowph, that's right!

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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I just played it. It looks amazing, the 3D is great! I really liked how the controls played out too! Now I'm even more excited for this game.

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Played it. Twice. Wow that was a short demo. Over all.... I enjoyed it. The voice acting for Sora (I believe that's his name?) was meh IMO, but that's not a big issue. I Like his personality from what I saw here. The combat was way deeper than I expected. Music seems nice. 3D effect is cool. The actual fighting just feel a bit clunky. Wish it was a bit longer. Maybe later for cheaper I'll pick up the game. The demo was nice.


Downloaded it. First thought: WOW ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. Not jagged at all like the DS entries.
Second Thought: HOW DOES I SWING FROM POLE? Does not compute.
Third Thought: BOSS FIGHT! I have no clue what's going on, BUT IT'S SO MUCH FUN!

This may be my first demo I'll be replaying. (To, you know, FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON.)

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There you go NA! You can finally stop bothering us about the HoR demo!

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WAY easier to get around in this game than in past installments! I really like the linked attacks with the Dream Eaters.



I kinda rushed through it, its 2 AM here, and I'm super tired ._.

@Retro, I wouldn't base Sora's personality off of that. His voice has been better also. I'm a hardcore Kingdom Hearts fan and I can definitely tell you this demo doesn't really do the series justice. Look up videos of the first Kingdom Hearts game to get a better feel on it, if you're interested. I probably wouldn't have fallen in love with the series if I hadn't played that one.

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Based off the demo alone, I may have a new favorite 3DS game, lol. The only thing that felt off to me was having to press both shoulder buttons to lock on to an enemy (surely they could have found a better option). Flowmotion will take a little bit to get used to, but once you get it down, you feel like a [email protected]. Overall beautiful game as well.

Also, I believe Sora's voice actor (Haley Joel Osment, from the movie "Secondhand Lions) is the same, he's just a good deal older now, lol.


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Yeah its the same voice actor, he just sounds different.

Alright, I need sleep ._.

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Eureka wrote:

Sooo, did Sora's voice actor changed or something then?


No. It's still Haley Joel Osment(The Sixth Sense, "I see dead people" kid.) just older with a deeper voice.
Remember it's been 10 years since he did KH1 and 6 years since he did KH2.

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did anyone else get a reality check when they realised that it's been 10 years since KH1 was released?

As for the demo, man was that hectic. I really wish the camera was a little more zoomed out, since when you're in flowmotion it's too fast to see where you're going. I spent a lot of this demo going "where am I going? What?" since the colours and the flying and the effects, it was all so disorientating, man. And then I decided to try a link and what the rhythm minigame? Why does Neku what? What's up with all these new funky abilities? Slot edge? Balloonga?

I left that demo feeling disorientated and horribly confused. Maybe it's just the dev's way of shoving all the game has to offer into 15 minutes, so the final product will have much better pacing and you'll have a lot of time to try out the new abilities and get used to what they do. Until then, I'm thoroughly confused; everything I thought I knew about the KH gameplay is now wrong.

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Ive played a couple of KH games on the DS, and the demo seemed good but I have always found that I tend to get a bit bored halfway through the KH games not that there is anything wrong with them, they just dont excite me as much as FF:CC or the other FF games and suchlike that Square Enix make.
The game looks like a decent amount of time has been put into developing it, but I fear that it still wont be the game for me. Still its just my oppinion and im sure that it wont dissapoint KH fans.

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Just played it. Guess what?
Kingdom Hearts is still lame. :3

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