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I've played it on and off recently. It's fun but I didn't choose it exactly, it was free from Club Nintendo at one time when I had nothing else I could get for free but this lol It's fun though, very nice 3D.



@PlywoodStick: Cool, I hope you enjoy revisiting it, I was hoping to find some people in here to help me beat EVERY chapter on 9.0

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I've mentioned this in the Multiplayer Match Organization Thread, but would anyone be up for some online tomorrow? (Or today depending on time zone) I posted a few more details in the other thread. If you're interested, please reply to me there.

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So I got redirected to here by a mod after posting this:

I would X-Post that, but it would bring up the very reason I linked to a 7000 word blog post instead of just X-Posting THAT, and somehow I deserve to be told to not self-advertise, wut.

At least the mods didn't kill the post or anything. So I'll get to responding to another KIU topic, one that failed to get any activity:
@Exalted_Mars may want to read what I have to say. Because what I really want to start with is the powers he chooses to ban.

-Virus - actually, I can't even believe I forgot about this line-requiring power when making commentary about powers like Slip Shot. Virus isn't even ridiculous anyway, not when it's a stationary defense that doesn't protect well against being sniped.
-Interference - this thing may be 3 spaces, but Interference doesn't provide any power boosts, so powers like Super Armor will punch through. And if you're bringing up the lag argument, I can just point to when I used Interference and not less than 3 seconds later the opponent, who was clearly in Interference range because they were cornered, invoked Warp successfully. If you need to use powers that badly, just get away from the beacon or simply use powers ASAP.
-Energy Charge - now this I can see a case for restricting. I will grant that each charge of Energy Charge proves that each extra center space on the opponent's grid does get suffocated, but the 1.8x damage multiplier is still nuts.
-Bumblebee - as I pointed out, there are ways to counter Bumblebee that would be workable for STANDARD CLUBS. I don't think other weapon types would have to worry nearly as much.

As for the other rules of that proposed tournament:
-Weapon modifiers as a whole: BAN THESE. If cheat devices are expected, it shouldn't be unreasonable to create pure 100V weapons with them, and the requirement of a cheat device to be able to play with a "competent" weapon would be lessened anyway, even if the game's random drop system still does not want to be pleasant. If you're that insistent on having mods anyway, despite that AND the reasons I outlined in the 7000 word post I made about them, some changes are still required.

Negative mod requirement for 6 Star anything weapons, why is this needed: min-maxers will already put on negative mods to add an extra weapon modifier via the extra Value. This makes no difference as-is. Min-maxers will also not have 6 Stars in either category, often opting to have attack type+ mods for the added damage.

Buff caps: a maximum of +3 is generally biased in favor of mods that have lower maximums, such as Shot Range+, which as a whole is ridiculously powerful. Overall DEF +8, meanwhile, is expensive and can't

-Half the maximum, ROUNDED DOWN. Yes, this would also autoban Shot Cancel+. Also, ban Evasion+, period, because its effect is ridiculous for a mod, and would be ridiculous for any power that isn't easy enough to Grid Read to useful effect.

Cap of 299: again, doesn't do anything to min-maxers, because their weapons will generally be sub-300V. Don't bother.

That should cover a decent amount.



Is this worth getting? It's one of the few well reviewed 3DS games I don't have, but people say the controls suck.

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It can get a bit crampy because you need to hold the system with one hand while scribbling around with the other.

It's great once/if you get used to it though.

Meowph, that's right!

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Half the game is ace (flying bits). The other half is just OK (land based), but would have been great if the controls didn't suck! Honestly, to me, that half of the game is very nearly unplayable. I tried to love it, I really did, but I just couldn't. Shame.

I do however think that it would be great on the Switch with proper dual controls.



Still didn't beat Uprising.
I really love the Games Characters, Voice Acting, Graphics and Music, but the Controls are a huge pain in the neck for me. I still don't understand why this Game doesn't use the Circle Pad Pro. I once heard they made it the way it is because they didn't want the Game like a Third Person Shooter, but that's a really dumb reason in my opinion.

I just hope Kid Icarus Uprising gets a Console Port/Remake in the Future

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Metroid prime: Hunters control scheme was indeed just as bad (if not worse) as KI:U and totally killed any enjoyment in it. Truly awful.

Maybe both games are OK for smaller hands, but when they are normal/spade size, then forget it!



Never found it that bad. And I'm 6'5 with proportionately-sized hands.

I think having smaller hands would actually make it harder to play.

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