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To anyone who's beaten the game completely on 9.0

Help me out with chapters 18 and 24. Last 2 before I get that sweet 999,999 heart prize.

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I find it funny and ironic that the two users themed around Knuckles the Echidna created the two biggest KI:U threads.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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True_Hero wrote:

I find it funny and ironic that the two users themed around Knuckles the Echidna created the two biggest KI:U threads.

Probably my favorite Sonic character...sorry ADD kicked in. So about Kid Icarus Uprising..

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If anyone is interested,

Today marks 1 year since this game's North American release~

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Emaan wrote:

If anyone is interested,

Today marks 1 year since this game's North American release~

i dont care

mods delete me

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Emaan wrote:

If anyone is interested,

Today marks 1 year since this game's North American release~

Has it really been a year already for the best 3ds game still?!?!

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Yeah, we have. Sort of happens when 365 spotpass weapons have gone out

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Emaan wrote:

Today marks 1 year since this game's North American release~

I'm a bit surprised that I beat Uprising before the game's first anniversary, but I've got to give it credit for making me want to come back to it in spite of my issues with the game. The boss battles kept the game relevant for me mostly.

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I want to start a clan in Kid Icarus Uprising, I need 9 more players
This discussion is also posted here:

-As the leader of this new clan, "Team Aura Heroes(AH)", I follow the banlist and I am a skilled K.I.U Warrior. I ALWAYS work as a great team member to destroy enemies, support my teammates, and keep my pride. Join my clan and lets conquer the other clans to claim the title as the best K.I.U clan.

1) You will be fighting against me 1vs1 so I can test your skills. You dont have to beat me to join the clan.

2) Copy my FC and message me personally if you'd like to.

3) When the crew is assembled. We shall move to to battle the active clans, then to other sites to conquer.

4) We are going to need players to use these titles (or your own if you'd like) as soon as you are accepted into Team:

1) Leader: Taytrellz (HelloKentrello), The Centurrion Summoner
2) Co-Leader1:
3) Co-Leader2:
4) The Archer from Heaven:
5) The Speed Demon:
6) Aries's Older Brother:
7) Celestrial Hero:
8) The God's Leader:
9) The Sun's Heater:
10) The Planet's Revolver

Join me, and lets win this war.

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Kid Icarus on Facebook?


@taytrellz I might be interested, but right now I am on vacation where there is terrible internet, and I have to fix my 3ds's wifi at my house, so I probably won't be able to try out until about two weeks.

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Aw heck no, this thread dyin' on my watch. >:3

Just watched some videos and read some reviews, OMG. OMG.

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@WinterWarm it's a really amazing game with much replay value AND it has my favorite multiplayer mode and singleplayer storyline of any 3DS game so far! the only draw back is that about half of the people who try to play it end having problems with the controls(some get hurt, some find it annoying and most of the leftys have problems with the lack of a second circle pad, but not me, as a kirby player from the N64 era I'm used to having no way of moving around with AnalogSticks/CirclePads)

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I've actually been playing it again rather recently, and noticed something, peculiar. You know the Rock Bomb item? As an avid Pikmin enthusiast, it looks quite familiar. Then again, there is also an item blatantly called Smart Bomb...


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I've just played Kid Icarus: Uprising online for the first time despite having the game since release. My 3DS can't get wireless internet very conveniently at the moment, but my university apartment now supports 3DS online for the first time since yesterday, so that's why I'm so late. I expected to get crushed in my first few games even though I'm not new to the game, but surprisingly I fared pretty well and got mostly second place in Free-for-All and even managed to get first place in one game!

I'll definitely keep doing this at college during free time.



I just learned from someone on Miiverse that during cutscenes you can zoom in by pressing A. You can also move around the camera. I'll have to try that sometime! I haven't know that in the two years I've played the game.

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