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This game looks so epic, here is the trailer! I have never played a Kid Icarus game before, but I am DEFINITELY buying this. The graphics are incredible, and this game looks amazing. Voice acting is pretty good too.

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Voice acting.... urgh.... I don';t think so...

But it's Kid Icarus!!! Plus being a launch title I'm so getting it, it's been a long time Pit!




The voices sound very nice so far, I like Pit's voice. Graphics look great, first day purchase.


I teared up a bit when they started showing it. Knew right away it was Kid Icarus. I should have put two and two together. Sakurai put a lot of effort into Pit for Brawl. I can't ignore the 3DS now. Eat it, Cassamawhatever. Your stupid Retro Kid Icarus for Wii rumors were lies all along, and I called it.

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Man, this will be the 3DS's first action killer app.


Looks freakin awesome!
But I've noticed Pit's model is a tad weaker than his SSB Brawl design, just a tad though, but solid nonetheless. Anyways, I've beaten the original for the NES and the Gameboy sequal. The original was more epic, had better tunes, platforming pits where you could actually die and more memorable SFX. Yet the sequal is more forgiving, and the Dungeons were much better, and I loved how there was more emphasis on the mallet. Anyhoo! I'm extremely stoked for this. Who would of thought Nintendo would of dished out a brand new Kirby, Donkey Kong and now Kid Icarus. Hell Star Fox, Pilot Wings, a new Mario Kart, Paper Mario and more are even on the way. They seriously out did themselves at this years E3

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I've never been waiting eagerly for a Kid Icarus game.

After seeing that trailer, now I am. I can't imagine what it looks like in 3D. While I was watching the trailer, I completely forgot that I would eventually be playing the game on a HANDHELD system. Seriously cannot wait!

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That's the Kid Icarus game I've been dreaming of for over 20 years. Screw Starfox, there is only one flying, shooting Nintendo character that matters and his name is Pit.

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Looks great, but I know next to nothing about Kid Icarus.

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I like how on the video Pit says, "Sorry to keep you waiting" as if he's talking to all those people who had been wanting to see another Kid Icarus game for so long. Awsome.

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RowdyRodimus wrote:

That's the Kid Icarus game I've been dreaming of for over 20 years. Screw Starfox, there is only one flying, shooting Nintendo character that matters and his name is Pit.

Thnx for gifting me the NES game on the VC xD I'm excited for this now.


Curses! The Eggplant Wizard is back! Aside from that it looks awesome. Can't wait. "Coming soon" better mean before E3 2011.

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Eggplant Pit! XD



I guess my repetitive "maek a noo kid ikariss" Nintendo hatemail has finally got through.

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I cant get the conference to load up anywhere

This game sealed it for me buying a 3DS even though I know literally nothing on the system yet as Im waiting to see it on the conference whenever I can get it running somewhere!

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I was figuring on getting a 3DS regardless, but this has absolutely locked me in. PIT FTW!

I'm watching it now on, no problems for me with their feed.

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I wasn't too big a fan of the 1st game (May need to replay that soon) but this looks so great. Can't wait



I think I'll go watch the trailer for the 30th time.

I think I'll go watch the trailer for the 31st time.

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