Topic: kid icarus will have online multiplayer!!

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@JimmyWhale: I'll do you one better: [youtube:LRkLdBw4FxQ]

.....which is exactly what I'm saying too.

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Raptor78 wrote:

Before I imagined it to be just a Sin & Punishment clone but the game looks so much more

A couple more mechanics maybe...I doubt the games will play anything alike though. Treasure's manic insanity is impossible to repicate.

Yay for multi! Now start doing this with all your multiplayer games so it stops being a noteworthy event and starts working towards the standard of "multiplayer games are all online now" that every other company seems to have adopted.

And let us send each other messages....Unless they add some sort of messaging feature into Kid Icarus I can see it getting kind of bland--it's way less engaging when all you can see is other people's characters--hearing voices/reading text adds a lot.

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