Topic: kid icarus will have online multiplayer!!

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It looks so amazing. I can't wait for this!

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most random use of multiplayer ever but it looks cool

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Agree on the randomness, looks cool...But it just feels out of place since this is a Kid Icarus title.
It kind of seems odd ballish if you ask me. Ah well, could be pretty rad.

But what has me upset is the major lack of Egg Plant Wizard goodness during the latest E3 Trailer.
And where are those grim Reapers with that magical memorable tune?

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Of course I'm mainly looking forward to the main story, but the multiplayer seems fun and will add a good bit of replay.

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sakurai is nintendo's multiplayer master so i'm psyched!!!

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Agreed with WaveBoy. I fear the game is only loosely based on the Kid Icarus universe, not so much on the gameplay of the first installments.

It will probably end up as a fine game anyway, but I was hoping for a slightly more loyal revival.



i wish they would open an english kid icarus website already!
the multiplayer looks cool and confusing! lol
i am sure ill dig it though

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That = preorder.

Okay, time to do the same for Star Fox, Nintendo!



New multiplayer obsession starts....when? but yeah, instant pre-order

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That sounds like a really neat and interesting twist on multiplayer battles. I can't wait until I can get trounced in some NLife matches!

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did i just read that correctly? 3v3 online battles?

this is definitely a day-one purchase now for me.

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Yeah, I'm totally ready to pre-order this.

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This was announced at Nintendo E3 2011 like 3 days ago. I think it's a pretty add-on for the game, but isn't something I am going to spend endless hours on.

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Oh dear god. All my wildest dreams have been fulfilled.

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