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At this point there really isn't any need to put any more deadlines, since only 4 matches are left. There is one other deadline, however, which is the deadline for @Batmanlover to come here. As it stands, @Sciencetific will probably get the pass. Then there is the fact that @Emeralds and @Ruceyod both have good reasons for taking their time, so please be patient.
And that's a cool weapon, does it OHKO at every range?

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@Tlol I understand. Can we start round 2 fights now?
EDIT: It can OHKO With any DCS except BDCS from the 30 mark. I never use it anyway though.

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Sure, the bracket is open to round 2 games. I think I said that already, although I do understand it can get weird

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Knuckles wrote:

Prof_Clayton wrote:

I got bored in my study hall, so I made a new weapon. :3
Its an:
Insight Staff
Ranged: 6
Dash Charge Shot +4
Value: 250
Anyway, @Tlol When's the round 1 deadline?

I made that same one a few weeks ago. The energy bolt it fires is to small for my tastes.

@TheLilk98 I laugh at the words. Only I can crack my own knuckles. And I have several staves with your name on them. What time is good tonight?

I can go right now if you're available.

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I like using OHKO staves to improve my aim, mostly a Laser (I can feel your stare, Knuckles) and a Flintlock. So far it has worked for me. By the way, Panda is on the chatzy right now.

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@tlol No, the insight a power from range staff. At 30 meters, you can deal 219 damage, DSC of course. So if your aim is good, and you can keep it solid for 31ish-88 meters, you have a 1-hit KO.

Edit: @TheLilk98 OK, I'm ready, I just need 10-20 minutes for my dinner.

@tlol If your just improving your aim, then I'm good. But I'm always ready to show my skills with the staff.

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Good games @clay @redpanda @RPG @tlol @taytrellz.
I did bad, but I had fun.

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I dont get it. You guys complain about my OHKO Taurus Arm but you guys also use OHKO weapons. Like everyone here has a OHKO stave. And i dont use my Taurus Arm cause you guys got mad that one day. I staves are cheap. Its like playing Call of Duty and all you have is a knife against someone who has a gun.

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