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Knuckles wrote:

@3Dash Must resist.... temptation to great /breaks into Sonic X theme song

...Sonic! He's on the run!
Sonic! He's Number 1!
Sonic he's coming next, so watch out, look for Sonic X!

Gotta go fast~

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CapnPancakes wrote:

Good games @Knuckles. 3Dash was right, you're a bad***!

Thank you, your not half bad yourself. I had a hard time killing you, but that was mainly due to your illegal Aries Armor.

In the end I won. I figured you didn't know, and if I didn't win I was going to give you a second chance, without the aries armor.

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Congrats, just for the record, which rounds did you win? And yeah, using Aries without your permission is enough for disqualifying @CapnPancakes , but hey, it didn't matter anyways this time. Just don't do that next tourney, @CapnPancakes.

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Sorry, I didn't mean to cause a fuss, I wasn't aware that the armor was illegal. I haven't really played the game that much so would anyone mind filling me in on why it is? I always thought invincibility was better but what do I know.

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Don't worry. As I said, it didn't matter at all at the end. So, which rounds did you win? And Aries is bad because of the huge defense boost (like *2.6 IIRC), knockback defense and status resistance it offers for a good amount of time, while not taking a bunch of spaces in the power board. A power like that can give a huge boost to tank sets, which allows them to deal consistent damage while taking close to none in return.

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Alright then, @Knuckles , you can play your opponent whenever you want to, not necessarily after ever Round 1 match. Brackets updated.

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Cool, let's try for Wednesday, I've got that day off. If not, we both live in the UK, so timing shouldn't be too much of an issue.

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;_; sorry for leaving you all again
don't worry @Knuckles , i'll get your avatar reposted in a few days (i don't have access to the file right now)

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Prof_Clayton wrote:

@All When is Awakening released? It's coming soon?

Feb. 4th. Aka, next Monday

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@Aqueous But all the stores here will claim the release date is the 5th because games come out on Tuesday, even though I can download it since midnight of the fourth.

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Apparently I'm up against someone sometime.


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