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BAM! Evidence


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And suddenly, my chances of me winning the first round of the tournament got lowered by 90%.

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Meowph, that's right!

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Talk about intimidating. Best get my mind off that; OK, time for some Gem clean up. Who knows; you might be able to fuse some new weapons ready before the Tourney.

No. 291 / 20 Jan 2013
First Blade
Ranged: ☆
Melee: -
Value: 202 (Yellow)
Knockback Defense +3
Burning +2
Forward-Dash Charge Shot +2
Item Attack +3
Shot Range -1
Gem to Hearts: +86
Gem to Weapon: -8600

No. 292 / 21 Jan 2013
Taurus Arm
Ranged: ★
Melee: ★★★☆
Value: 220 (Yellow)
Freezing +4
Evasion +4
Gem to Hearts: +116
Gem to Weapon: -11900

No. 293 / 22 Jan 2012
Cursed Palm
Ranged: ★★☆
Melee: ☆
Value: 216 (Yellow)
Petrification +1
Standing Cont. Fire +3
Power Attack +1
Gem to Hearts: +109
Gem to Weapon: -11100

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Hold it everybody, I guess my wording was really bad, and I wasn't clear enough. This brackets are NOT the final ones, once the players are set I'll randomize the brackets one more time, that will be after the deadline ends on Friday. So sorry, but the chances of most of those positions staying are very low(as perfect as it was for me, sob)
Welcome in, then. Just 5 players until 32, we can do this people!
Yeah, it will be based on points, not kills. That makes it possible for bad fusers to have a chance against the rest.
I'll just copy this from gamefaqs explaining how points are calculated:
When a player is defeated, whoever delivered the killing blow gets score equal to 2/3 of the defeated’s weapon value, and whoever delivered the most damage to that defeated gets 1/3 of the defeated’s weapon value. When you are defeated or used spite, you lose 1/6 of your own weapon value. If you suicide, you lose 1/2 of your own weapon value. At the end of the match, you also get 10 extra point for every kill you made. Your score can never be negative at any given point.

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Oh my! I get to fight some fresh meat! I'll be sure to give it my all! >:3
@Knuckles&TLoL thanks, I didn't see the post on the other thread.

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Believe me, I like the current brackets quite a lot. They are just perfect for me, everything I wanted to happen was there. But that would just make me feel worse if I decided to leave them as they are. Although, to be honest, there isn't really any good reason to randomize the brackets again. So, what do you say people?

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I say we don't randomize again, not because I start out higher up than other people though.

[16:08] LordJumpMad Hides his gut with a griddle
[16:08] Reala: what ljm does for cash is ljm's business
[16:08] LordJumpMad: Gotta look good my my next game u_u


So, after catching up, I realized I got a free pass, but then it was just like "nope, not quite" ._.
Oh well, at least this way I can actually lose the first round, my promise can be kept after all.

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Well, I will need the opinion of a few more people before making a decision. But I will really feel terrible if I do leave it as it is. Although I may just be stupid for thinking about it like that.

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Dang I am getting sick of this wait. Hopefully I'll get my hands on KI:U either today or tomorrow. :l

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