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I was about to name a reason why I love Desert Tomb with a staff but I still need Slip Shot. I love shooting from below. Fun without Slip Shot, hmm....


That palm is actually pretty good. And I saw how you used Quick Charge in that one match I was with you (I had to leave) which is nice, since Aurum Palm's gimmick is quick charge shots with no homing.
As for Desert Tomb, it's just bad for long range weapons without Slip Shot. Walls everywhere, with three different height levels and a bunch of different hiding places that only allow close range combat. That way, it only allows for sniping at the very beginning of a LvsD, when all of the players are the same area.

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@Ruceyod @tlol Underground, I always get tons of KO's with my staves, enemies come from everywhere done there. Almost always a melee fight, black holes [not from me, but I'm not complaining] and the fun of sneaking up on an angel while he is hiding on the top level.
Also, made a pretty good Knuckle Staff awhile back. 5 1/2 ranged, Value: 270 SR +3, Knockback Recovery +1. Its flaw? I gave it MC +4, thinking I would actually melee combo people to death. I realized a few days later I want to make a new one, and substitute the MC for DSC+4. I've used one with DSC +4 in training. I love the amount of damage it can deal, and cant wait to make a new one with Shot Range +3, and DSC +4

@tlol Quick Charge, for when 1 second charge spamming isn't enough. 1/2 a second will have to do.

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I feel we should carry on a all out 'STAFF' war!! I've been meaning to play many of you but keep missing opportunities to join in a server :/

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a staff battle sounds good and what about a melee weapon fight? clubs,arms and claws @3dash it would be awesome if we could fight against real bosses together

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Suddenly, I feel uncomfortable doing a staff battle -shiver-
I don't know if I'll ever have the time for these games but here's some twisted ideas:
Weapons base on their Colours (red, blue)
Weapons with a specific value
Weapons with more defense oriented stats than offense
Weapons that start with the same letter as our NL username.

@sir_Anthony Yes, that would be so amazingly fun. I think I would play that more than Solo or Together.

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@3Dash i understand, but i mean it would be cool if we could play together through the story line and defeat bosses...

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@ruceyrod i understand you are uncomfertable doing a staff batlle i'm very good with staffs a batlle based on colours would be cool

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Didn't see this one posted yet, so just in case...
No. 257 / 17 Dec 2012
Tiger Claws
Ranged: ★☆
Melee: ★★
Value: 209 (Yellow)
Overall Defense +1
Health +3
Burning +2
Shot Range -1
Gem to Hearts: +98
Gem to Weapon: -9800

Funny thing, while doing the 'Get your own Streetpass Gem' trick (thanks @Knuckles), I got this Spotpass Gem twice. Weird, huh?
No. 258 / 18 Dec 2012
Paw Pad Orbitars
Ranged: ★☆
Melee: -
Value: 189 (Green)
Melee Defense +1
Shot Range +2
Dash Charge Shot +2
Gem to Hearts: +68
Gem to Weapons: -6600

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Is it just me, or did @Knuckles use instant transmition several times during previous matchs. One minute he is right in front on me and the next he is on the other side of the map Keep in mind that I only have 91% of the powers

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GamecubeMan wrote:

And how would one obtain this power

I need this one too. Any particular levels that give this power often?

I foresee what you'll do there.
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