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thelegendoflink wrote:

Indeed, we must all stalk the guy with a Ditto Saffari. Although you're missing the point, Panda. It's not about Imposter, it's them perfect IVs. Anyways, if such a person does indeed match that description, then he must surrender his FC, for the greater good.
Also Clay, don't ragequit when you get killed. GGs Git Gud

But how about the joy of Imposter copying a Mega Alakazam with a Choice Scarf on? Though the IVs really are an added plus for use whenever I need them~ >:3

@DreamyViridi - Sounds good~ Most people [hopefully] would regard me as a decent person. I used to be seen more often on, but tend to go online less in the name of other business nowadays although that's starting to change as some things are wrapping up. Don't mean to make you uncomfortable giving me your friend code or anything.

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@Knuckles - Of course! I'll always have so KI:U in me.
@RedPanda - It's fine. It's true that I don't add people for the sake of adding people. I don't just add anybody, I need to know the guy/girl long enough so it feels natural. I've seen you here in the forums on occasion and you seem alright so it's all good. I hope to see you around online. Funnily enough, I got an Imposter Ditto from the GTS; Max Attack and Speed IVs, Docile nature which is good enough for me!
@Prof - Can you check and tell me what my third Pokémon is? 'Cause if it's Eevee, I'll go nuts!

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Yeah, I knew who Dreamy Viridi was, I just thought Panda was talking about a different Luigi. I had checked Luigi's saffari, but I guess the Ditto is the third Pokemon, so I must get him in PSS first.
About the tourney, I think I'll fight Tri today, then we'll go from there.

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Speaking of friend safaris, would anyone care to tell me what 'mon are in mine? Thanks in advance.

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@Wonder_Mask - You have Emolga, Manectric, and Stunfisk.

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It's just a Lillipup
I have to wait for you to get online to respectfully steal those Dittos from your Saffari, I hope you don't mind.
Best setup counterers, although they only work in some situations. If you want to use them, the only stat that matters is HP, everything else gets copied.

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Wonder_Ideal wrote:

@Wonder_Mask - You have Emolga, Manectric, and Stunfisk.

That's somewhat underwhelming. D: From now on, I have Godzilla in my friend safari. It has been decreed. u_u
He's only weak to king kong.

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[16:08] Reala: what ljm does for cash is ljm's business
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TheLilK98 wrote:


Well, there goes my idea.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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TeeJay wrote:

My ears are ringing. Did I hear the words "Ditto" and "safari"? Omg add meeeeeee

Uhh no you didn't. Nope. Nuh uh.
**sweating profusely**

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`@Prof_Clayton - If you did sorry. I start skipping posts when ever spam and off topic stuff (Pokemon and FE:A excluded) occurs here.
(When YouKnowWho stopped posting I thought it was pretty dead in that topic though). I stopped posting there because I have no opponent currently.

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Thread always loses steam just before a milestone....

I'll be on at 5:00PM PST (Hopefully) for some matches. This is just for fun so no need for competition, just fun.

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