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This tourney is taking forever >.< I still have to wait like, another few battles before my next one comes around.

I think I'll play some KIU tomorrow(and a little tonight, if I can sneak it in), I haven't been playing a good amount lately.

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Sorry, but I don't think I can make it today.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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Hey, I won't be there either, I have to run for 2 hours, what fun and then I have to be gone from 6-8PST, then get back home at 8:20ish. Thankfully, I don't have much homework tonight.

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Well, I'll be playing Uprising, if anyone wants to play me then let me know~

I have one assignment that I have until now to Monday to do, and it's easy D:

Yes, D:. When I don't have school I just sit around and do nothing, and I have Thursday and Friday off D:

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Once again, being ludicrously careful with me touch screen, so I'd rather not.
and I definitely didn't just post here to prevent a quadruple post

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I had the sudden urge to write this. I have no idea why now, of all times, I've decided to write this, as I've been thinking about this for quite a while now, saving it up for something, but I haven't the slightest clue what that something would be. This may seem random, but here goes.

I never intended to get Uprising. Funny, isn't it? It was a last minute decision, and I'll never regret it for a second.

There's always a few things in everyone's life that leave a big impact of you or the way you think, whether it's a game, action, something someone says, or something uncontrollable, like a natural disaster. Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of those things for me. The biggest, really. I've spent countless hours playing this game, and it never gets old. Both Solo and Online are great, maybe not perfect, but there's something special about this game. Even after well over 300 hours of playing, I don't think I really know all of its secrets. Or even close to all of it. But, you know what? I have found some things. I don't know if this applies to all of you, but I can sense exactly what most of you are thinking when you play this. I can feel you laughing, cringing, and cursing yourself for not dodging in time. I can sense your disbelief sometimes. No other game can do that, really.

I said at the beginning Uprising has really impacted me, and it has. I can say without a doubt in my mind that the best moments of my life have been spent playing you guys, online. The best days of my life were from March 23rd to June 15th of 2012 and from the beginning of September to the end of December, in 2012. Those were the days we played KIU without a care in the wold. Who cares who won and lost? No one knew from the beginning of any battle who was going to win. Each and every battle was unique. We played not to win, but to have fun. And that's what this game is about. Fun. In its simplest form.

I will always remember the battles I've had. The times I've been shot by Knuckles's Laser Staff, the times snuck up behind one of you and KO'd you with my Magnus Club, the times I've been defeated by Tri, the Tuesdays Clay and I fought on, so long ago. Nothing can compare to those times. Nothing. Those moments were perfect. Preserved forever in my mind. I can still remember those times, in detail. And it just seems like I'm the only one, sometimes. The only one that feels this way. The only one that can see Uprising for what it truly is and love it to death. I may play other games, but I am eternally devoted to Uprising. I will always come back to it, I will always love it, I will always play it as if I'd never played it before. This is the game I dream about, the game I feel as if I'm in. I feel as if I'm Pit, or a Fighter, or one of the other characters. The game I think about constantly. The only game that truly matters to me. I know, deep down, no one on Earth can begin to comprehend my love for this game. No one can feel as I do about the times we've had together. I wish we could relive those days we had forever and ever.

And finally, the thread. This thread. The only thing I thought about in 2012's summer season besides Uprising itself. I longed to continue fighting you guys. You have no idea what I felt like, how attached I am to this thread, even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes. This thread is a part of me, as I am a part of it. I'll always remember the times we've had together, even if this thread is locked, something I don't intend to let happen, if I can help it. This thread is the only thing that can capture the greatness of Uprising. I wouldn't want to let it go. There are some days I'll read back through the pages, reliving the golden days of Uprising. If any of you feel the way I do about this thread of Uprising, make a promise to yourself. Post here and play Uprising. Actually, as soon as you can, play Uprising. Remember the early days of this thread, and the times we've had.

And let's continue keeping this thread alive. We have more posts on this thread than the Anime & Manga Thread, the Animal Crossing New Leaf or Fire Emblem Awakening Threads, Newbie Introductions, Universal Recommendations, The Video Game Trading Area, This or That, the VGM tournament, Role Play: Pokémon Take Over The World, CN Rewards, NL Users You Never See Anymore, the Goodbye/Vacation Thread, all of the Smash Bros. threads put together, the original KIU thread, the Animal Crossing New Leaf Friend Code Exchange, Pokémon 5th Gen Battle/Trade thread, MK7 weekly racing tourney, WarioWare D.I.Y. FC exchange, GoldenEye 007 Wii matchups, Pokémon Trading/Battle thread, the PS Vita Discussion thread, the PS3 Fan thread, the Steam Sales thread, the Xbox 360 thread, and those are just the bigger ones. We haven't passed the 3DS FC thread, the My Little Pony Thread(We're close to that one), and the Comment on the Avatar/Sig thread, and a couple other forum games. Why stop now, or even slow down? The Animal Crossing New Leaf Friend Code Exchange thread was made more than a year after this thread was and already has over 600 pages. Let's make this thread as great as it was before, again.

I may edit this post as I remember more things, but let me make a list of everyone that has ever been on this thread that has contributed to its greatness.

In no order:

@Knuckles, Echidna and Creator of the Thread
@Clayton, Puzzle Master and one of the few of us here from near the beginning
@Spire, Who summoned Ruceyod
@Ruceyod, Legendary KIU player and fuser
@Geneon101, The Ninja
@Cyb3rnite, the Sushi Freak
@Tricoloryoshi, who sucks at KIU
@TheLegendOfLink, who knows way more about weapons than you do
@SonicMan, another Expert Fuser
@LuigiMan200, Weapon Gem Provider
@Happy_Mask, your friendly neighborhood Mask Salesman
@True_Hero, the Hero of Truth, rival of the Hero of Ideals
@Ideal_Hero, the Hero of Ideals, rival of the Hero of Truth
@LordJumpMad. U Mad?
@Emmy, the Cat Warrior
@RPGShaymin, another one of us from the beginning, owner of a Rose Staff that does 900+ damage
@Big-Luigi, an all around great guy
@TheLilk98, who I stole Link from
@Void, the Master of Lag
@RedPanda, one of teh Chatzy peoplez~
@MiracleBlaze, who hasn't put enough time into this game yet
@Dash, me, the biggest KIU fan
@GamecubeMan, loyal to the GameCube
@EveryoneElseIForgot, thanks for being great.

If I forgot you/someone, tell me, I'll edit it. Also I can edit your description if you want(I was kinda vague with some of you). Thanks for taking the time to read this. Now let's revive this thread, and our love for Uprising!

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Knuckles wrote:

Thank you all for being a part of this thread! It just turned 6 months old 3 days ago, and to celebrate, here is its belated present. 200 Pages

@RPG What strategy?

Also I have a question. What is the main weapon you believe others think you use, when they say your name for instance
@Knuckles: Laser Staff
@geneon101: Wolf Claws
@RPG: Lancer Staff
@Sonicman: Everything you fought me with
@Spire: Aurum Blade, Bow
@Prof: Phoenix Arm
@Ruceyod: Your dead no matter what he/she/it uses
@Eureka Darkness Bow
@3Dash: Magnus Club
@LJM: Dark Pit Staff
@Emeralds: Viridi Palm
@TeeJay: Anything Melee centered
@Happy_Mask Doom Cannon, Great Reaper Palm
@Void: Melee based.

Will add more, but if I don't have you, its because I forgot what weapon you use/ haven't fought you yet.
I don't expect a detailed list from you guys, only curious what weapon you think others associate with you.
Edit: I think I have everyone, but people like @CommanderAudio,
I forget what he used,
@Flywalker77, ditto,
@AlexBlack, I don't ever remember fighting you.

Man, my post is really outdated. I could have sworn I just wrote it too.

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KiDasharus wrote:

@LordJumpMad. U Mad?

Its like you look deep inside my soul and know who I am!
I remember when I first came to NL, just another kid on the internet looking for someone to play SmashBros. with.
From there, friends come and go, but the fun times you had never fade.

I use a lot more weapons now, I can be pretty nasty with an End-All Arm, and Silver Bow, but I still use an Dark Pit Staff, that's even worst then the old one I used.
Maybe I should come here more, and have a few battles, and take another Lazer to the face...

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@LJM That post I quoted was 6 months after the thread was made. We are 18 months after the thread was made now, with that post almost being a full year old. Of course it is outdated.

But if you need more Lazers to the face, that can be arranged. >:]

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@KiDasharus I can admit without feeling like less of a man that I teared up a bit...also, I want my link back!
Anyway that post really got me wanting to play KI:U. I don't think I've ever said this before, but this game got me through some especially hard times in my life last year. I used to get pissed off at pretty much everything, and when I did I'd go play this game to cool down. This probably sounds stupid, but I'm pretty sure Magnus's theme along with a few other tracks from the game are at the very least partially responsible for me starting to talk my girlfriend last year. They gave me a confidence boost, my self esteem was pretty much at an all time low back then. I know it may not seem this way sometimes, but trust me. I love this game just as much as you do. I try to play it whenever I can. Hell, It's about 3:30 in the morning while I type this, and after seeing your post after waking up bleary-eyed, I still took the time to type this. The devotion you and all of us have shown makes me wish I HAD joined back in 2012 when I was a lurker, so I could've shared those times with you guys. Even so, you guys still accepted me extremely quickly and let me in to the family (although @Knuckles gravely misjudged my skills at first p.s. speaking of Lasers to the face, I have some for you later). I guess I'm just kinds rambling now, and I'm really hoping I don't sound like some kind of sad sack typing this, but hey, I'm just speaking the truth. I feel like we're about to see a stream of heartfelt posts, and I'm perfectly ok with that.

EDIT: Spelling.

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Funnily, I only got KI:U because of the original Kid Icarus Download Code.
@Dash @Ideal Good Games~
@Dash It's @Spire not @Sprite~
Also, I'll be on this afternoon, and I'm like always in the chatzy, so if you want to battle, post somewhere~~~~~~

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