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LuigiMan200 wrote:

@Tri - Are you around? I'm ready for those matches.

Ugh, I'm sorry but something came up and I will probably be unable to do it today.
If I can, then I will post saying so, if not, then I won't be able to.

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No. 336 / March 6 2013
Burning Palm
Ranged: ★
Melee: ★★★☆
Value: 214 (Yellow)
Melee dash attack +3
Effect duration +3
Gem to Hearts: +106
Gem to Weapon: -10800

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@Tri - It's fine. I'm heading for bed soon anyway. I guess we'll try for the weekends. Timing won't be as problematic then.
@Aquilalex - Hey thanks for posting today's Gem.

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@Capn My bad, I had a timing issue. You actually responded first, and are now in the SBL. :3
Sorry for the confusion. ._."

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Kid Icarus: Uprising Spotpass Weapon Thread
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Daw, my gem has been stolen from me But anyways, I think I've said this before, but the reason I've not been here as much is that I've been busier with my studies, I'll come here more often once I get things figured out. But most of you are still in the Fire Emblem obsession, so I'm not missing much anyways

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I still can post them if you guys don't mind

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Alright, here's Friday's gem.
No. 338 / March 8, 2013
Guardian Orbitars
Ranged: ★★★☆
Melee: ★☆
Value: 249 (Yellow)
Melee dash attack +3
Freezing +3
Stamina +2
Backwards-dash ch. shot +3
Gem to Hearts: +172
Gem to Weapon: -19100

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we make a great team! i miss playing k.i.u with you guys. thanks for helping me out on light vs dark. we're up against tough opponents.

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