Topic: JUST GOT UPDATE. What's your favorite part of the new update?

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Whilst I generally like the design of the new e-shop I'm very frustrated with the way in which you have to 'add funds'. I want to buy shantae and am very happy to pay the retail price of £10.80. But since you can only add funds in multiples of £10, I have to spend £20 to buy the game. I think thats just outrageous. There is nothing else I want to buy on the eshop and I cant see that situation changing (I already own a lot of Gameboy games in cartridge form). This system of adding funds just feels hopelessly outdated, why can't I just pay the retail price for the game I want and not be left with money that I've spent but can't use.



I agree on the smooth-ness and ease of the navigation. Compared to the Wii/DSi shops, this is a HUGE step-up.

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