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Third party titles were one of the main focuses for 3DS at E3, and Nintendo had a lot to show. Third parties have embraced the system, resulting in the announcement of major titles like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Metal Gear and Professor Layton for the system.

It's not just the publishers themselves, but major producers at the various publishers also seem to have a positive opinion about the new system. Famitsu got some commentary from many of those producers this week. Some are actually working on 3DS games. Some aren't. But all seem to be hyped.

Here's a summary of what everyone had to say:

Hideo Kojima

The Metal Gear mastermind is worked on the E3 demo of Metal Gear Solid 3D. He said, "I wear glasses, so I'm happy that 3D glasses are not needed. I directed the E3 demo. It was based off Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, but the backgrounds and character modeling were all redone in high polygon. It's not finalized, but we're thinking about CO-OPs and other things -- elements fitting of a 3D and portable game machine."

Suda 51

GrassHopper Manufacturer's CEO and the man behind Killer 7 and No More Heroes has not yet announced any 3DS games. He told Famitsu, "I was able to feel the speed of progression of video game history, and also the feeling of 'We've come this far.'" Seeing the 3DS made him feel like there is a real touchable world inside the screen. "To express the game I want to make in a word, it's 'The Next Game.' Nintendo 3DS is the arrival of 'The Next Hardware.' So, 'The Next Game.'"

Hideki Kamiya

The Platinum Games designer and director who's responsible for such masterworks as Bayonetta and Okami has not announced any 3DS games. He commented on the differences between 3D gaming on the small screen through 3DS and 3D gaming on the large screen. The latter has great impact, making you better feel like you're in the game. 3D on a small screen like the 3DS, however, gives you the feeling of something truly existing in the palm of your hands. Said Kamiya, "Games with dynamic scale are okay too, but I personally would like to take a different approach from the large screen and make a 3D game where you can enjoy the feeling of existence given by portable 3D."

Toshihiro Nagoshi

Nagoshi is known mostly for the Yakuza series, but he's working on Super Monkey Ball for 3DS. He believes that 3DS is the "conclusion" one would expect from Nintendo, whom he feels has, since Wii, shown a stance of pursuing game hardware as toys. "If future portable game machines demand that both social aspects and immersion be satisfied for when you play multiplayer and single player for instance, 3DS firmly answers these with Wi-Fi and 3D. I'd like to make a variety of proposals."

Shu Takumi

One of the chief forces behind Dino Crisis, Phoenix Wright and Ghost Trick, Takumi has no announced 3DS projects at present. He says that he's been a big fan of 3D since the Virtual Boy area, and his feeling upon seeing the 3DS was "We've at last reached this point!" "As a creator, I feel that a new challenge has started." By "new challenge," he feels that a number of things need to be considered for the first time -- interface issues with 3D, new uses of the top and bottom screen, how to handle the cursor/pointer during adventure games, and so forth. "I'd like to show a mystery in a 3D space."

Atsushi Inaba

The CEO of Platinum Games has no current 3DS product announced. But boy does he seem excited! Said Inaba, "I experienced a strong jolt of the feeling 'I want to make something.' When I first saw Wii and DS at Nintendo's home office, I was also excited. It's the same feeling here, but the level is completely different this time. Since the start of the game industry, there's never been a system that better fit the words 'dream' and 'next generation.'"

Keiji Inafune

The Mega Man guy, who also appears to be taking an unhealthy interest in zombies of late, has no current DS projects announced. He had a more business minded perspective in his comments: "Things needed to sell games are concept, technology and marketing. Nintendo 3DS is a showcase of things for selling hardware. While keeping the appeal of portable game machines as is, it offers high processing ability, improved controls, a more appealing design, goggle-free 3D technology, and a robust 3rd party title lineup."
Takenobu Terada

Terada is the producer of the Super Robot Wars series. Namco Bandai announced at E3 that the 3DS would be getting a game in the series. In his response to Famitsu, he said that as someone who paid full price at launch for past 3D systems and Virtual Boy, he feels that with 3DS the true contender has arrived. His staff is currently looking at a number of approaches for the 3DS Super Robot Wars games -- possibly making something like Super Robot Wars Neo with 3D visuals, or possibly using conventional 2D battles and adding 3D effects and cut-ins, or something completely different.

Shinji Mikami

The man behind Resident Evil and the upcoming Vanquish says that he was surprised to find that the system's 3D is more solid than he'd been expecting. Rather than coming out of the screen, the images have great depth and truly feel 3D. He likes that you don't need glasses to view the 3D. Closing off, he said, "I felt that I'd definitely like to work on 3DS. Ah, it's time for dinner with Itagaki."

Tomonobu Itagaki

What did the creator of Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive and, most recently, Devil's Third, have to say about 3DS? Not much! He spoke about how goggle-free 3D isn't really suitable for your home television, as the sweet spot for being able to see the 3D effect is very narrow. However, he believes it will work on a portable, as you don't have the sweet spot problem. He finished with, "Today, I have a meeting at a yakiniku place, but I think things will heat up with talk about 3DS."

So Itagaki and Mikami are meeting for dinner, eh? What could they be talking about?

Yoshinori Ono

The Super Street Fighter IV producer is working on Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. He told Famitsu that outside of just the 3D visuals, he'd like to expand the fun of the game through the 3DS's other new features. "We'd like to put in some ideas that make effective use of the portability."

Hiroyuki Kobayashi

The producer of such games as Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 5 and Sengoku Basara doesn't have any announced 3DS projects. Upon seeing Nintendo's titles running on actual 3DS hardware, he was "extremely surprised" to find that the images truly do come out from the screen. "Our own Resident Evil was shown on the show floor and was well received, but when I saw Metal Gear, I felt the new potential of the 3DS. I'd like to make something."

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