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A list of things exclusive to the Japanese 3DS direct, for curiosity's sake.

  • 2DS Launch: It appears the 2DS is finally launching in Japan, including Gen 1 Pokémon bundles.
  • Arc System Works project: Didn't catch the title, but looks like an RTS where you manage the crew of a land ship in a desert environment. Probably download only.
  • Drancia Saga: A new download game by the same dev that made Fairune.
  • Konami project: Couldn't read the title, but looks like a baseball game with chibi characters.
  • Megumi Meguri: New game from Capcom. Think it's a visual novel.
  • Monster Hunter Stories: A New trailer, with Zelda collaboration gear (you can ride Epona).
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash: Yes, unlike in our directs, Japan got a new trailer for this.
  • PuyoPuyo Chronicles: A PuyoPuyo RPG.
  • RPG Maker (or something similar): Pretty explanatory.
  • Shovel Knight: the Plague Knight levels are arriving in Japan.
  • Just to clarify, all the big game announcements in our directs, Mario Superstar Sports, Pikmin, Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World, StreetPass games, Super Mario Maker 3DS, and Tank Troopers were present as well.

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